Clarity Guidance Session

1-On-1 Shamanic Intuitive Guidance Session


One powerful 90-minute session where you’ll find clarity, perspective and focus. 

This session is for you if you need a powerful, deep-dive laser focused session rather than support over the long term.  You might be stuck and having trouble getting out of your own way by yourself, or you can’t figure out what the focus of your life and/or business is.

In this session you will:

  • Uncover Your Story In Motion
  • Discover What is Holding You Back
  • Create Your Next Inspired Step

You’ll benefit from Robin’s full attention, wisdom, experience and intuitive gifts in the powerful and transformational session.

Are you feeling stuck and struggling with your next step?

  • You’re doubting yourself;
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed with too many choices;
  • You’re questioning if you’re on the right path;
  • You’re afraid that you’ll make the wrong choice;
  • You wish you could have the inner knowing that you’re on the right path.

This experience is best designed for those who are ready to shift and make changes in their lives.

Investment: $20 | 20-minute session includes:

  • Setting an intention for the session via a grounding meditation;
  • Receiving a relaxing custom shamanic sound healing energy clearing session;
  • Together, you’ll draw a Oracle “Story In Motion” card layout. This layout will further assist in aligning the body, mind, and soul on all levels and aspects of your life;
  • Discussion around the Oracle card layout regarding what is emerging, what is holding you back, and next steps to shift, release, and move through the blockage;
  • Moon, crystal, and essential oil infused bath salts to take home;

*For those requesting a distance one-on-one session:

I know sometimes traveling to the Kent Emporium is not possible. If this is the case for you, you can opt for the session by Zoom. Below are the details:

  • 15-minute initial chat to discuss your current state plus establish an intention;
  • 30-minute long-distance shamanic clearing session based on an agreed upon time (this is just as powerful as in person…trust me);
  • During our 45-minute deep dive follow-up Zoom conversation (recording included), I will draw an Oracle “Story in Motion” card layout for you. Via the Oracle card layout, we will discuss what is emerging, what is holding you back, and next steps to shift, release, and move through the blockage;
  • Picture of the Oracle card reading (including the card meanings) will be sent after our discussion;