Uncage Your Wealth Story

Here’s the deal.

You’ve been working your “*ss” off and feeling like you are ready to:

  • Throw in the towel and give up (I’ve tried and tried and I’m just not getting the results)

  • Settle and be like everyone else (I’m comfortable plus I’ll have more time to watch Netflix)

  • Pack your bags and leave (maybe I just need to sell everything and move some where new)

Nothing you’re doing seems to be working—and you’re doing a LOT! (Or maybe you’ve just decided to stop doing anything at all, because it’s depressing to work so hard with no results).

You knew advancing your career, starting a business, or growing a business would be hard work, but is it normal to continually feel like you’re always pushing a boulder up a mountain?

What started out as an exciting passionate day dream has turned into a nightmare.

You are so ready to:

  • Have a career that allows you to make money doing what you love
  • Have a full-time business (that makes money), not a hobby (that takes money)
  • Serve clients you legitimately love
  • Be recognized as a business owner and a leader in your industry
  • End the constant go-go-go hustle for minimal results

By The End of Uncage Your Wealth Story, You’ll have:

  • Unlocked your subconscious wealth story
  • A clear next step action plan to creating a new wealth story
  • Learned shamanic self-empowerment tools
  • A 5-step roadmap for overcoming challenges with clarity and confidence

What’s Included In The Experience?

  • Weekly meditations and email assignments (details below), so that you can go at your own pace.
  • 6 1-on-1 calls packed full of listening and inspired action.  Due to deep work, you have 3 months to schedule and complete the calls.
  • Price:  $500

Week 1: Find The Key
You’ll unlock your subconscious wealth story and meet your Wealth/Self-Empowerment Spirit Animal.
Week 2: Unlock The Door
You’ll tune into your body and discover the chakra that holds this old story.
Week 3: Release
You’ll learn how to release the old story with gratitude without the guilt trip.
Week 4: Clarity
You’ll discover your next steps to creating a new story.
Week 5: Confidence
You’ll learn how to handle this new uncharted territory with confidence.
Week 6: Shine
You’ll learn the 5 steps to overcoming challenges with clarity and confidence so you can SHINE!

Are you ready to Uncage Your Wealth Story So That You Can Shine?  

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