The Empath and Shadow Work

Have you ever had one of those days where you felt like the whole universe is working against you?

  • Your family member wants you to bail him/her out of a situation, yet again.
  • Your friends rub you the wrong way.
  • Your business colleague tries throwing you under the bus during a meeting just to make themselves look better.
  • Your customers and clients dump their emotionally baggage at your place of business.
  • You feel thrown off balance, beaten down, exhausted, and powerless.  You feel like you have limited control over your life and as a result your hopes and dreams are once again being pushed to the back burner.

You feel like you’ll never enjoy the joy, success, or peace you desire.

But What If…

  • You could learn to trust your own inner wisdom and blaze your own trail.
  • You could live with clarity and confidence while standing grounded in your truth.
  • You could learn to not let people’s perception of you dampen your desire to fulfill your dreams.
  • You could transform every personal conflict into an opportunity for self-empowerment.

You could become an Empath Ninja!

Join me for an Experiential In-Person & Zoom Workshop that will take you through The Empath and Shadow Work – The 5 steps To Self-Empowerment.  Details below.

Date:  Sunday October 25th, 2020

Time:  1:00pm CST – 3:00pm CST

Location:  In-Person (max of 8 at the Kent Emporium) + Zoom (for those that can not attend in person (workshop will be recorded)

Cost:  $95


  • 2-Hour In-Person/Zoom Workshop (recorded)
  • PDF document (emailed to you)
  • 5 Crystals ($25 value – shipped to you)
  • 1 Flower Essence ($10 value – shipped to you)
  • 30 Minute 1-on-1 Follow-Up Session with Robin (priceless)

Register For Empath and Shadow Work Workshop – $95