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32-0R4A6077Ten years ago, you would not have recognized me.

I was working for Corporate America where I felt like a misfit.  My marriage was falling apart, and my business with my husband was stuck.  I wanted to walk out on everything I created, but I was scared.  Sound familiar?

How did I get there?

As a girl growing up on a farm in Illinois, my parents would continually state “Why can’t you be like everyone else?” My passions never fit the mold of the typical Midwest farm girl and as a result, I never felt I belonged. So at 18, I left the farm and never looked back. I had my heart set on the “big” city.  I went to university and upon graduation moved to Chicago in search of a career. I blended into Corporate America; got married; purchased a home; and did my best to blend into the American dream.

My story begins with one serendipitous moment that changed everything.

I remember standing at the crossroads of my life and stating “I’m done. I can no longer be this person!”. I felt scared and alone.

So one day, I’m on a business trip for my corporate job, browsing through the books at a store at O-Hare Airport, when this book called “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” jumps out at me.  I browsed through the pages and felt really compelled to purchase the book.  I did not realize it then, but that book changed my life.

It’s a book about an ordinary man called John Perkins who initially took a job thinking he was helping the world but ended up realizing that he was putting 3rd world countries in debt to the US.  On one of his first assignments, he is stationed in the Amazon where he becomes seriously ill and is healed by a shaman (as that is the only doctor around).  Over time John is transferred to different roles within the organization and starts to realize that he no longer fits in, that it was going against his beliefs.  He too was at a cross roads.  Through his own personal journey he discovers his own purpose and calling in life.  His book touched me so deeply as I could relate to his story and the desire to discover my own purpose.  The minute I finished his book I remember saying to myself “one day I am going to take a vacation with this guy”.  After reading the book, I decided right then and there…

I was going to be true to myself, listen to my heart, and follow my dream. 

Shortly after that my life started to change and magically unfold. A corporate position appeared and I moved to Canada.  I studied alternative healing modalities and I did therapy.  Another corporate position appeared and I moved to England.  I started to study with a shaman and I began to undergo changes that people literally could not believe.  Slowly, at first, then faster…an adventurous, energetic, intuitive, free-spirited version of “me” began to emerge.

My life started when I started to be true to myself, listen to my heart, and follow my dream.

I must admit it wasn’t easy at first, as I had a lot of old stories and baggage I had to dump around cultural beliefs, money, relationships, and boundaries.  Luckily another serendipitous moment occurred and I found myself signing up for Martha Beck Life Coach training which opened my eyes to a new world of possibilities….starting my own heart-based business.

Coaching gave me a set of tools to prepare me to be a successful heart-based entrepreneur.

Through coaching, I gained the ability to silence the “inner bully” in my mind who was constantly sabotaging me and telling me that:

“I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“I will never make money running a heart-based business.”

“If I follow my dreams, I will be alone.”

Once I learned how to handle my inner bully, my life has never the same.

Coaching is an incredible process of transforming your mindset, then your habits, then your whole life — with a partner guiding you to see the world of possibilities.


I am here to help people who find themselves in similar circumstances to mine….stuck in a job they don’t like and don’t fit with…feeling unfulfilled and know they are literally missing their own life by hanging onto the status quo or the familiar.

I am here to help you…

  •  learn to listen to your own heart,
  •  take inspired action,
  •  be true to yourself…

so you too can live an extraordinary life!

starbucksMy clients are both men and women with a variety of backgrounds.

There’s no single “defining feature” to my clientele, except this:

– All of my clients want more out of life than they’re currently getting.

– All of my clients are ready for a change, a new chapter, a new adventure.

Check out my in-person events, book some private coaching, or come hang with me on Facebook and get a deeper sense of what I do and how I roll.

No matter what you choose to do next, here’s my question:

What would you do if everyone was cheering you on and no one criticized you?

Thanks for reading my story.

My official bio and credentials are down below, if you’re into that kinda thing. Otherwise… keep exploring all the resources and programs on this website…

and I will see you soon!



Official Bio

Robin Rosenstiel is a Certified Life Coach with a Midwest Maverick “Boots On The Ground” approach.  Her fun, innovative, and inspiring approach to personal and business development has won her glowing praise from both personal and business clients.

Her motto? “What are you waiting for?  Live life on your own term.

As a woman who used life coaching principles to re-create her life on her own terms, she’s a coach who truly walks her talk.

By telling her raw, honest stories — in print, online, and on stage — Robin is on a mission to prove that everyone can reach for their dreams.

Credentials + Certifications


  • Certified Life Coach trained by Dr. Martha Beck, Oprah’s personal coach.
  • Soul Coaching Coach trained by Bev Barnes, Dr. Martha Beck Life Coach Instructor
  • ADKAR Change Management, PROSCI Change Management
  • Hoffman Leadership Path, Hoffman Institute
  • Six Sigma Black Belt, Textron University
  • Advanced Project Management, Stanford
  • MBA, Keller Graduate School of Management
  • BS, Rockford College

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