Kind Words






Susan St. Peter – “Your divine brilliance is shining through each of your newsletters!  They’re awesome and totally inspirational.  I just love receiving them and interestingly the timing of the messages within them seems cosmically spot on for me.”




Marsha Mulligan – “We had some wonderful discussion and powerful meditations.  What healing energy!  Thank you so much, Robin, for leading us.  Thank you all for sharing your amazing, loving energy.  The world is better for it.”



Jennifer Q. – “I love the sound healing you have created.  Your spirit inspired sound healing is always very helpful for me.  It really helps me to connect with spirit. ”

Uncork & Distill – “Amazing ! Your sound meditations are so soothing and relaxing. I find your work to be very inspiriting and look forward to more of your videos. Thank you.”



Linda Summer – “Robin’s First Chakra Workshop was a beautiful healing experience, filled with many forms of healing, including laughter and light.  She welcomed me warmly to her sacred space, and I felt at home.  From meditation to sound healing, to our animal totem dance, to art that was very special and all the wonderful food that kept us grounded and delighted, she created a very nurturing day.  Robin is a gifted healing presence and connected with us on may levels.  Our group was in sync and received intuitive experiences and support from each other.  In the days after I had powerful dreams related to the workshop and felt more clearing of energy that had been bothering me.  My sense of direction became clear during the workshop and continues to motivate me now.”


COFFEEKira S. – “Robin is a talented coach who combines visualization with strategy to yield powerful results. Robin walked me through some alternate ways of looking at my business which led me to deep insights. One insight, in particular, gave me a new perspective on a problem that has been dogging me for years and has opened the door for me to be able to move past old wounds with new confidence. Working with Robin is a unique and powerful experience.”




Susan St. Peter – “Robin is devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that give me step-by-step guidance on how to work in my genius zone for creating a life and career I want. The results you’ll achieve with Robin will be extraordinary!”

Gayle Cerri – “Shock, delight, and extreme gratitude sum up my one-on-one coaching with Robin.  She helped me uncover passions I had buried so deep I didn’t realize they were there.  And then, through her kind and gentle prodding she led me down the path to begin to realize those passions.  For that I will be forever in her debt.”





Shawn Starry – “My greatest inspiration comes from a Challenger. Robin your awesome!”
Andra Taylor – “What a Fantastic Job Robin Rosenstiel!! Your vision of the Kent Emporium and what it represents is right on time and very much needed in the Stephenson County area, maybe even more than you realize!! Keep going forward strong and keep making it happen for those who need the inspiration, guidance and space to operate in what they’re passionate about!! You are a great success and I know the best is yet to come for you!!”

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