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A Change In Perspective…

Her Story:

She was born on an assembly line,

A yellow backhoe with a purpose of

Digging For Dirt.

When it came her time to perform,

They called her “defective”,

They called her “a lemon”.

With no place to call home,

She was sent to the boneyard,

She was sent to reflect.

One day, employees walked by her with a cause.

She gave them inspiration.

She showed them possibility.

They gave her new parts.

They gave her new paint.

She gave them faith.

She was displayed.

She was seen.

And the community rallied around her.

Now she travels across the country.

Raising awareness as her destiny

Digging for a Cure

Her truth:

“It’s not how you start, its how you end. I’m a backhoe, I thought my purpose was to dig for dirt like everyone else, but in reality my destiny is to dig for a cure.”

Sometimes a chance in perspective is all that is needed.

Robin Rosenstiel

Explorer of Uncharted Territory

Seeker of Truth

Bodacious Dragon Slayer