Chaos and Infinite Possibilities

When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life.

~Eckhart Tolle

Before I sat down this week to write my blog, I reflected on the events of the week.  The news is filled with chaos these days and yet I’m finding myself opening up to infinite possibilities.

My infinite possibilities journey started with 2 potted tress that I was given as Christmas tree gifts years ago.  These two trees can not withstand the Northern Illinois winters, so ever Spring (with the help of a friend) we move the trees outside and every Fall we move the trees back indoors.  I repotted the 2 trees this past Spring and didn’t really pay attention to them until I saw the weather forecast last week (chance of frost).  So I decided to temporarily move the 2 trees into my old 1926 stand alone garage (since it was a temporary cold spell).  While moving the trees I discovered how much the trees had grown this Spring – one is 6FT and the other one is 7FT tall.  Looking at the trees I decided that I would move them back into the Kent Emporium for this winter while I create a game plan for turning my garage into a greenhouse.  And that is when the infinite possibilities opened up.

I needed a break from my computer and the isolation of living alone, so I met 3 friends at Sugarbakers – a small boutique and wine bar.  While sipping wine and sitting with my friends (and maintaining socially distancing guidelines), I started to talk about remodeling my garage due to my tree dilemma.  And this is the list that we started to be created…

– a green house
– an office space
– an air B&B
– a heated floor for sound baths surrounded by plants
– a 2nd floor loft space
– a sky light deck – windows that open to a balcony
– a wall of south facing windows that open up to nature

At one point a friend told me…

What are you Rockefeller?  You are dreaming too big!

I laughed and said…

“Damn it Dave…don’t poke holes in my rainbow!”

Does this ever happen to you?  You have an idea and you share it with people and they tell you that you are crazy.  They tell you to stop dreaming so big and to not ask for too much in life.  They tell you that it is too risky and you should instead play it safe.  I’ve been told these stories over and over again throughout the years.  At first, I use to believe these stories, and then over time as I started to dream bigger and take action I would get emotionally triggered by the people telling me these stories.  And now, I just laugh.  Why do I laugh?  These stories are no longer my stories.  If I wanted to live an ordinary life, I would believe these stories.  However my goal in life is to live an extraordinary life.  And in order to live an extraordinary life, I can no longer hold onto these stories.  Because that is all they are stories.

Are you ready to start dreaming bigger?
Are you ready to open up to infinite possibilities?



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Have you ever had one of those days where you felt like the whole universe is working against you?

  • Your family member wants you to bail him/her out of a situation, yet again.
  • Your friends rub you the wrong way.
  • Your business colleague tries throwing you under the bus during a meeting just to make themselves look better.
  • Your customers and clients dump their emotionally baggage at your place of business.
  • You feel thrown off balance, beaten down, exhausted, and powerless.  You feel like you have limited control over your life and as a result your hopes and dreams are once again being pushed to the back burner.

You feel like you’ll never enjoy the joy, success, or peace you desire.

But What If…

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