Bliss, Blisters, Duck Tape [Finding Joy In The Journey]

‘I should of said ‘Follow Your Blisters’.

~Joseph Campbell

I have a confession to make.  I  have been celebrating my birthday for the last 2 weeks and as a result I didn’t write my blog/newsletter.  I was starting to get cranky and irritated with everyone – a sure sign that I needed a time-out.  I needed to slow down and recharge.  I needed to go on an adventure – even if the adventure was just in my own back yard.  And as a result of taking a much needed break, not only do I feel rested and re-energized, I’m starting to see magic re-appear in my life.  And by magic I mean those little serendipitous events that are pointing me in a new direction.

It all started with a “BLISS” candle I received as a birthday gift from a dear friend.  On the candle was a quote from Joseph Campbell :  “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls”.

The next day I was talking to another friend about his upcoming adventure – a hiking trip to Nebraska.  He was telling me how he was in the process of breaking in a new pair of hiking shoes.  He was walking 3-5 miles a day in prep for the trip and wrapping his feet with duct tape to reduce the number of blisters on his feet while breaking in the shoes.  I was fascinated with his approach.  He was following his bliss and yet he knew he would endure some pain and some blisters along the way.  So he found a solution….duct tape!  Let’s face it…

It isn’t easy to listen to your heart and following your bliss!

Taking the road less traveled doesn’t come with a tour guide or road map and as a result everyone ends up hitting a few pots holes, taking a few unexpected detours, and getting blisters.  But wouldn’t it be great to know that you could always reach for the duct tape knowing that it would reduce and soften the blisters a bit?  And that is what the Kent Emporium and my personal serves offer.

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