Muffled Voices, Familiar Scents, Crazy Dreams…Is it Halloween in July {Finding Joy In The Journey}




It’s official…I’m losing it! The COVID-19 Virus has lead
me down the path of insanity…I suddenly have the
urge to study Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave”.

~Robin Rosenstiel

I had no intention of writing about this topic until last night while having a glass of
wine with a friend. She was the 2nd person this week that had mentioned odd
things going on. For example….

  • I’m hearing muffled voices in various rooms in my house, but no one is there.
  • I’m smelling the sweet smell of Tabaco from my deceased fathers’ pipe.
  • I’m having crazy dreams.

How did I respond…


These same occurrences have been happening to me on and off for the past
month. I never talk about it in my blog, but I grew up in a haunted house, so I
know the signs of wondering spirits. However where I live now…is not haunted.
And the people who have mentioned these odd occurrences also do not live in
haunted houses. So what is going on?

The veil of perception is thinning and shifting.

What does this mean? I wasn’t sure myself, so I Googled it and stumbled across
an interesting article. The World Is Not Getting Worse.. In summary, the veil is
thinning and…

Presents Us With New Opportunities

And if you are like me and feel like you are losing it this week and need a really
good laugh, please watch this video. Its refreshing to know that we are not the
only ones losing it!


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With Love and Gratitude,

Robin Rosenstiel
I create space for you to listen to your heart and take your next inspired step!








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