Feeling In A Rut? {Finding_Joy_In_The_Journey}

During this pandemic, my daily routine has turned into
a rigid rut.

~Robin Rosenstiel

I read a Facebook post by Elizabeth Gilbert earlier this week that made me go

Do something different till better comes along.

As a reflected on her post, I realized that over the course of the past 4+ months,
my daily COVID-19 routine has turned into a rigid list of MUST Do’s. I MUST
meditate, I MUST do yoga, I MUST write, I MUST journal, I MUST watch the
news and keep up on current events, etc..  Reading her Facebook post made me realize that…

My routine had turned into a rigid To-Do List of what I MUST DO.

No wonder why I’m been starting to get irritable and cranky! So this week, I’ve
decided to take on Elizabeth’s challenge and mix things up a bit and make PLAY
a priority every day. So…

I looked at my To-Do List and decided to turn it into a “Joyful Productivity” To-Do List.

What does “Joyful Productivity” To-Do List look like to me…
I created a 5 minute nature sound bath (with the help of cats and birds) at 5:30
AM in the morning (click on the picture below).

I took 5 minutes every morning to pull a few weeds instead of following the I
MUST weed until all of the weeds are gone approach.

I took a daily 20 minute work break at 9:00 AM and joined a ZOOM call where I
danced with other Movement Medicine friends (discovered this group while living
in England).

I took a Soul Collage On-Line 3 hour workshop to connect to my intuition. I
created a collage based on the question “How has nature assisted me during this

Shifting my MUST DO To-Do List to a JOYFUL To-Do List has shifted my
perspective, my routine and my attitude. As a result, I feel…

Happier, more energetic, and more inspired!

Has your COVID-19 routine turned into a rut? What can you do to mix up your
To-Do List a bit and turn it into a Joyful Productivity To-Do List?

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With Love and Gratitude,

Robin Rosenstiel
I create space for you to listen to your heart and take your next inspired step!