Unbroken {Finding Joy In The Journey}

Congratulations, you have successfully mad it to the end of May. Welcome to level 6 of Jumanji.

~Dan D. Facebook feed

When I saw the above quote in Dan’s Facebook feed, I laughed. As a matter of fact, I laughed really hard! Why? Because it’s so true….

  • Jan: Australia Fires
  • Feb: Kobe helicopter tragedy
  • Mar: Coronavirus and worldwide shelter-in actions
  • Apr: US economy tanks, Murder Hornets, and UFO’s are real
  • May: George Floyd, Protests, and Riots

So what does the movie Jumanji have to do with the current state of the world? Like the characters in the film, each of us has been thrown into the “jungle” with no established playbook. Through each challenge, each character in the group discovers their strengths and weaknesses and learn how to work together as a team in order to reach their goals. And through every crisis thrown at them, each character in the group discovers…

The courage they always had in order to confront their fears and unlock their potential!

Are you ready to connect to your potential? Below is the June Full Moon video (click on the picture) I created to help you connect with your emotions and discover….

What does being UNBROKEN mean to you?


Do you need assistance in creating your own “jungle” playbook this summer?  I have 4 offerings that are available in-person or via Zoom:

Energy Reboot: 1-on-1 60 minute In-Person session

Deep Dive: 1-on-1 90 minute In-Person/Zoom session

Infinite Possibilities: 1-on-1 IN-Person/Zoom 3 month program

Soul’s Calling Circle: Group In-Person/Zoom 3 month program


With Love and Gratitude,

Robin Rosenstiel
I create space for you to listen to your heart and take your next inspired step!