Following The Breadcrumbs Back To The Beginning {Finding Joy In The Journey}

Sometimes you have to go back to the beginning and see everything in a new way.

~Robin Rosenstiel

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Monday: What in me needs transformation?

Tuesday: Where are you on this transformation journey today?

Wednesday: Guidance from Spirit Animal

Thursday: Mini Sound Bath

Friday: Connecting to a Weekend of Play (3pm on Facebook)

Week 10 of being full-time in Kent. I’m always fascinated with the twists and turns that life takes…

and this week was filled with twists and turns!

Monday I pulled an angel card during the mini sound bath for everyone. The card was…


I was rather surprised and curious about where that card would lead us on the path to transformation this week. Shortly after I completed the mini-sound bath, I checked my email and I had several opportunities for “pay what you want” education in regards to permaculture, biodynamics, and medicinal herbs. So I signed up for 2 workshops and 2 movies and found myself going down the rabbit hole…back to a passion of my I left on the back burner in 2005 (growing and educating people on medicinal herbs).

Tuesday I found myself ordering wild flower seeds on line and coming up with a medical herb landscaping plan for the Kent Emporium. During the Tuesday Facebook Live, I selected a Hero’s Journey card to see where we all are on our transformational journey and got,…

X Marks The Spot – See The Love In Disguise

Wednesday I went to the local grocery store and randomly stumbled across hemp protein powder. I purchased the powder and then went home to investigate how to use it. Seriously, hemp protein powder is a superfood that you might want to check out! During the Wednesday Facebook Live, I selected a spirit animal card for guidance and got…

Vulture – Nothing Is Wasted

Thursday I watched the news and listened as people spoke about being turned away from hospitals unless the person needed a ventilator to assist with breathing. I get it, there is no real cure for the coronavirus yet. From a time/money/resource perspective, hospitals believe it is easier for people to take care of themselves at home vs. the hospital. And there is the flaw. A large portion of the public does not know how to take care of themselves. No disrespect to the medical establishments, but as a society we have been trained to go to the doctor, get a prescription, and then go to the pharmacy to pick up our magic pills. For example – who knows that when you have a dry cough you should put a hot mustard pack on your chest to warm up your lungs in order to loosen the mucus? Or that some “weeds” that grown in Northern Illinois can be useful? Mullein tea is a perfect example of respiratory support for dry coughs and a mix of yarrow, elderflowers, and peppermint tea is good for sweeting out a fever.

How do I know this stuff? I started to study herbalism in the late 1990’s. I even got a certificate in herbalism from Rosemary Gladstar long before on-line training existed. I went on to study essential oils and flower essences through The Australasian College of Herbal Studies and was hired part time for 1 year to assist with long distance training in the early 2000’s. I even started my own herbal business back in 1999 called “Soil and Soul”. I use to grow my own plants, 
harvest them, and produce my own teas, tinctures, tonics, and creams. That is actually the start of how I ended up in Kent Illinois. I purchased 20 acres 15 minutes south of Kent in order to grow medicinal herbs. I moved to Kent several years after purchasing the land.

As I look back over the twists and turns, it is rather funny that I have ended up right back where I started…

A Passion For Medicinal Herbs

So where is this going? I really don’t know. I figured I would start with landscaping this weekend and I’m sure by next week I will have the summer workshop plan assembled and ready to roll out. So stay tuned!!!

What passions are you starting to rediscover during this “shelter-in” time?

Next week I will be continuing with my…..


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Hope to see you there!
With Love and Gratitude, Robin Rosenstiel
I create space for you to listen to your heart and take your next inspired step!