Welcome to March Madness and an Erupting Volcano {Finding Joy In The Journey}

Just a warning. “This week is starting by changing the clocks, has a full moon, and ends with Friday the 13th. Good Luck people! P.S. Don’t forget to wash your hands.”

~Sue Brady

This past week I learned a new acronym…

WSHTF – When shit hits the fan!

A volcano erupting in my life this past week. I didn’t see it coming, and as a matter of fact it came out of left field. But when it hit, I was shocked, frustrated, and angry. My volcano…

Due to concerns over the current Coronavirus, travel is being restricted for the month of March.

WHAT?!?!?!? This might not seem like a bit deal to you, however for me, traveling is part of my livelihood. I usually travel 2-3 weeks a month as part of the scope of my job responsibilities and had just finalized my March travel schedule.

How will this change affect my immediate world? My survival instincts immediately kicked into high gear and the following 2 thoughts ran into my head instantly:

What will happen to my job if I stop traveling?
If I can’t travel, will it be determined that my role is no longer needed and therefore I will be terminated? Or worse yet, I will be required to move to keep my job?

This volcano really woke me up to the truth of how dependent I have become on traveling for the past 15 years. My monthly travel schedule fluctuates between 25%-75% (less in winter and more in the summer). When I started traveling 15 years ago I went to exciting places (Paris, Malan, Madrid, Barcelona, etc). However for the past 10 years, my travel has primarily been scaled back to the Midwest. The places I go these days are not very exciting and sometimes I don’t even want to go to these places. So…do I travel because I want to or because it has become a comfortable habit? A convenient excuse to not pursue other activities (like spending more time in nature)? As I pondered these questions, I realized that maybe its time for me to re-evaluate my work schedule. Let’s face it, I’ve been struggling with my work schedule since last October (not wanting to get up in the morning, not being motivated, and feeling bored and restless). And this travel freeze really make me sit with…

My Feeling of DISCONTENT

I sat for my discontent for days before I realized that I had been tolerating my current work schedule and…

Burning The Candle at Both Ends For Too Long!

This volcano made me realized how physically exhausted I’ve been as a result of being stuck in “people pleasing” mode around what my work life should look like (based on old business rules – non-stop business hours, non-stop desk work, non-stop meetings, non-stop travel, etc.). As I write this, I’m realizing that the timing of my own volcano could not had come at a more perfect time. With a hint of Spring in the air, it’s time for me to….

Dare to Decide To Re-create My Work Life

What does that look like? I have no idea, however I will find out during the next Soul’s Circle group (starts Friday – details below) as I will personally be using the tools to recreate my work life. Not sure if the Soul’ Circle is right for you? Some questions to ask yourself to determine if the Soul’s Circle is a good fit for you…
Where is there a volcano erupting in your life?

  • What have you been coping with or tolerating for far too long?
  • Why is it essential that you leave your comfort zone?
  • What’s your payoff for not leaving a painful situation?
  • What must you let go of, to make space for something new?
  • What is the nonnegotiable decision that you need to make right now so that you respect your deepest truth?

For more details about the Soul’s Circle and to register…CLICK HERE.

March 2020 Full Moon Sound Journey

The March Super Full Moon is all about clearing the clutter of what is holding you down. Discover your old story and find out what you will receive if you let it go.

Weekly Mini Sound Bath

Click on the picture below to listen to this past week’s 2 Minute Sound Bath (expanded as Merlin wanted to participate).


With Love and Gratitude,

Robin Rosenstiel

I create space for you to listen to your heart and take your next inspired step!



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Week 1 – Mar 14 | Start Where You Are

Week 2 – Mar 28 | Heading North

Week 3 – Apr 11 | Inspired Action

Week 4 – Apr 25 | Navigating Uncharted Territory

Week 5 – May 9 | Embracing Your Awesomeness

Week 6 – May 23 | ! (Exclamation Point)

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