4AM Wake Call, A Missing Remote, And Where Do I Go From Here {Finding Joy In The Journey}

All great changes are preceded by chaos.

~Deepak Chopra

Monday morning at 4AM, I woke up with random thoughts running through my head. Instead of giving any weight to or catastrophizing these thoughts, I simply asked the question…

What should I do next?

The response was fast and totally out of left field….

Facebook Live!!!

My response to the answer….


So I decided to sit with that thought and not write my Monday blog. Instead I decided to watch how the week would unfold. Monday night after the last “in-person” yoga class, 2 of my friends and I went to a bar for our last “in-person” cocktail. At the bar, there were 3 of us and a bartender. As we spoke, I noticed that every TV had the news on about the pandemic. I found myself getting angry over the fact that TV News had quietly slipped back into my life. I found that I had started turning on the TV News every morning and night at home in order to learn more about the current status of pandemic and the ever changing social engagement rules. Monday night I could honestly feel how the News has been releasing a new kind of virus called…. the Fear Thought Virus

Tuesday morning, I did some cleaning on the first floor. When I went to watch the TV News on the first floor that evening (as the TV is connected to an antenna – while the 2nd floor TV only has Netflix and Amazon Prime), I couldn’t find the remote control. As of writing this blog, I still can’t figure out what happened to that remote. For those who do not understand where my 1st floor TV is, it sits on top of an old beer cooler. So it would require a ladder to turn the TV on and off (plus to change the channels). My thoughts after the lost remote incident – guess I really don’t need the TV News as I have computers and can google the news/control how much fear I want to enter into my living space.

Wednesday morning, I decided to finally finish developing an on-line DYI program for people who are standing at a crossroads of their life and are ready for change. It’s only been on my to-do list for 3 months! Details here.

Thursday morning, I decided to shift my Sunday Live Sound Bath from in-person to On-Line. Link to register.

Friday morning,after a restless night filled with others’ nightmares entering my dreams, I concluded that I will be offering free 15-Minute Tune-Ups daily (Mon-Fri) via Facebook Live. My intention with these 15-Minute Tune-Ups is to provide people with the opportunity to clam down and relax for 15 minutes during this time of chaos. I will be doing it “Farm Market” style – so besides sound, expect talking, laughing, and pulling a daily angel card. To stay updated on my Livestream times, like the Kent Emporium on Facebook (link below)


And P.S. – My blogs will be returning to the Friday schedule.

ON-LINE VIA ZOOM (No In-Person Option)

When: 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Location: On-Line via Zoom
Price: $10

New Moons are the perfect time to plant seeds and set your intentions. The power of sound will be used to unwind, relax, and replenish your mind, body, and spirit with a sound bath and guided crystal spirit journey.

The March Crystal Sound Bath Journey will be a unique experience as we will be doing a Shamanic journey to discover what your message is and your next steps in this chaos cycle.

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Weekly Mini Sound Bath

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With Love and Gratitude,
Robin Rosenstiel

I create space for you to listen to your heart and take your next inspired step!