Obstacles – From Challenge To Gift {Finding Joy In The Journey}

“OBSTACLES do not prevent you from following your dream.  They prepare you for it!”

~Robin Rosenstiel

Last week I mentioned that we are currently in a Mercury Retrograde setup phase. The MR setup phase is the Universe’s way of gently showing us what old story we need to become aware of in order to release during the Mercury Retrograde. I reviewed my daily journal notes for the past week and saw an “early” underlying theme for myself….

External Obstacles

For the past week, there has been one external obstacle after another. The short list….

  • My sister returning to the hospital as a result of her unstable body chemistry.
  • Data not available as scheduled, so I struggled to meet a deadline.
  • New computer & new software technology, resulting in a lot of internal resistance

And the kicker that pushed me over the edge….

Cats tracking muddy feet throughout my clean house.

External obstacles are a common part of life. However, the question is…

How do you react to external obstacles?

Do you see obstacles as…

  1. a puzzle to solve?
  2. an opportunity to grow?
  3. a threat?
  4. a reason why you won’t succeed?

I got curious about this question. So I sat back and became the observer of my own life, and I’m embarrassed to say – I saw my pattern:

1. A reason why I won’t succeed! I immediately always jump to my “Chicken Little” story. I get discouraged and find myself saying “Here we go again the sky is falling so Idon’t even know why I bother pursing my dream.”

2. A threat. I get angry as my scapegoat story appears and I envision myself getting yelled at and blamed, even though I have no control over the obstacle.

3. An opportunity to grow. After listening to my favorite self-critic, Judge Judy, I finally stop worrying about trying to controlling external obstacles outside of my control.

4. A puzzle to solve. After all of my internal drama is resolved, I can finally look at the external obstacle from a different perspective and realize that I have a choice when it comes to external obstacles.

Is it my job and responsibility to fix other people’s problems?

After I recognized and sat with this pattern of “trying to control and fix external events completely outside of my control”, I realized how much stress I had been holding in my body for the past week (including odd aches and pains in my feet). Once I realized that the world was not going to end if I choose to not take responsibility and actions for others’ issues, the stress left my body and I saw the gift in the external obstacles…

I’m choosing to say NO to being an emotional sponge for others when external obstacles appear!

As far as the muddy cat tracks, that is totally my issue, but I’m sure I will come up with a creative solution.

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