The Road Map To Meeting You Where You Are {Finding Joy In The Journey}

“There comes a time in life when you just need to throw out the conventional roadmap and create your own!”

~Robin Rosenstiel

I postponed my blog this past week, not because I didn’t have anything to say, but just the opposite…I had a creative push (thanks to the full moon).

My creative push started with my business trip last week. I spent last week in Minneapolis leading an Value Stream Mapping event at a customer. For those who do not know what a Value Stream Map is – it is basically a picture that represents the current state of the business and where the pain points are. I love doing Value Stream Mapping exercises as I get to play detective. I get to work with the business and ask intuitive questions, dive into the data, speak to people, follow through on hunches, and peel back the layers in order to piece the puzzle together.

The result…an identified actual root cause which is often totally different than what the business thought.

With the root cause identified, the next logical step it to work with the customer to layout a future state Value Stream Map (based on the imagination). But in this case the customer was so stuck on the problem they could not focus on a future state vision – only short term actions to reduce the pain. By Wednesday my colleague started to push forward with creating a future state map which irritated and angered me – as it felt like pushing a boulder up the hill. Why was my colleague pushing for the future state map? Because it’s part of the “rule” book that states this is what you are “suppose to do” next – create a future state map. No where in the “rule” book does it state that as VSM Trainers, we are suppose to meet the customer where they are. So the future state map exercise became a useless check the box activity. Why did it irritated me so much?

Because we weren’t meeting the customer where the customer is! The customer needed Root Cause Correction Action and not a Future State Map!

The customer was stuck and wanted to focus on whatever short-term activities that would resolve the pain point vs. sitting around hypothesizing about a future that might never exist.
So what does this have to do with my creative push. This friction of events inspired me to layout a roadmap for people who are a bit confused in regards to how I can assist meeting you were you are at.

Need a minute to breathe and reconnect to yourself:

Feel stressed out and overwhelmed and need some self-care:

Want to create a soul practice to connect to spirit, your intuition, and creativity:

Stuck and don’t know what your next step is:

Have an idea of what you would like to do next, but are struggling with clarity, confidence, and courage:

Ready to connect to your own magic and claim your unique gifts:

And remember from last weeks’ blog

I don’t do cookie cutter….hahahaha!

Where are you today and how can I assist you on your journey?


With Love and Gratitude,

Robin Rosenstiel
I create space for you to listen to your heart and take your next inspired step!




When: 1:00 – 4:00pm (6 week program – dates below)

Location: Kent Emporium, 741 N Kent Road, Kent IL 61044

Price: $150.00

Are you ready to connect to your own magic and claim your unique gifts and SHINE!

Week 1 – Nov 02 | Start Where You Are

Week 2 – Nov 09 | Heading North

Week 3 – Nov 16 | Inspired Action

Week 4 – Nov 23 | Navigating Uncharted Territory

Week 5 – Dec 07 | Embracing Your Awesomeness

Week 6 – Dec 14 | ! (Exclamation Point)

For more details and to here.

When: October 27th, 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Location: Kent Emporium, 741 N Kent Road, Kent IL 61044

Price: $25

New Moons are the perfect time to plant seeds and set your intentions. The power of sound will be used to unwind, relax, and replenish your mind, body, and spirit with a sound bath and guided crystal spirit journey. Upon arrival you will select a unique crystal for the journey. We partake in a Reiki Infused cleansing ceremony, a grounding meditation, and indulge in a sound bath journey, learning and receiving the numerous mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits your crystal has to offer you.

Participants will be able to lie down and receive vibrational healing from a sound bath journey. The sound bath journey will consist of crystals harps, Tibetan bowls, drums, rattles, chimes and gongs.

For more details and to register…click here.