Making Time For Play {Joy In The Journey}

“Play is the highest form of research.”

~Albert Einstein

This summer I decided to add more play into my schedule. So for the past several months, I have been scheduling monthly Friday play dates. Myself and a friend or two, meet at a Famous Fossil (local winery) for wine, cheese and fudge, and art. We all bring our art suppliers and sit down, chat, and create art. The art ranges from journaling, to meditative coloring, to sketching and painting. It has been a fun way to take a few hours out of our hectic schedules to just relax and play. By the end of the afternoon, I feel refreshed and inspired with new ideas.
This week I have decided to expand my play date to include a local farmers market (Mt Carroll IL). I will be there from 8am- 12pm offering:

  • Free 1 minute Tune Ups (via tuning forks)
  • Sound Restoration – $1 per min (your choice of gong, singing bowls, harp)
  • Intuitive Crystal Pulls – $5 – select a crystal/discover your hidden message
    Oracle Card reading – $20

So if you are in the area and are looking to add play to your weekend, stop by Famous Fossil this afternoon and hang out with me from 3pm – 5pm for an afternoon of free form art (bring your own art supplies) or visit me Saturday at the Mt Carroll Farmers Market. Hope to see you!

Where can you add a little more play into your week?


With Love and Gratitude,

Robin Rosenstiel
I create space for you to listen to your heart and take your next inspired step!



Sunday September 22, 2019 ​

$25.00 (pre-registration)

$30.00 (walk-in) 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm (Door opens at 1:30pm)

Kent Emporium – 741 N Kent Road, Kent IL 61044​

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Please bring a personal journal and pen. If you prefer to lay on the floor during the sound meditation, please bring a yoga mat.

A general note about Chakra Health
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