The Universe Is Sending You Messages – Are You Listening?

“If you are waiting for a sign from the universe, THIS IS IT. NOW GO DO IT!”

~The Universe

Last week, I had a series of meaningful coincidences (synchronicity in action).
While traveling for business, I stayed in a hotel room that symbolically showed me what happens after I say “I’M DONE“.

“I’m Done” has represented many things in my life – from working for unethical businesses, to bully bosses, to outdated relationships and patterns.

As I checked into the hotel, I was informed that my room had been upgraded. The upgraded room would be located on a floor where there is construction activity going on (hotel remodeling). I was informed that there would be no noise as the construction had completed for the day and would not start again until 9AM the next day. I really didn’t think much about it, as I have lived in multiple construction zones with my 93 year old building over the years, so I took the hotel room key and proceeded to the elevator.

When I got off of the elevator, to my left there was a tarp closing off the left hallway and to my right there was a glass door stating “Do Not Enter”. Of course I entered the Glass door, as I could see the hall of rooms (besides I tend to not follow instructions very well). As I walked down the hallway corridor, I started to realized that there were no door numbers and some rooms were cracked open as refurbishing activities were still being completed. So I turned around and headed back to the elevator and thought to myself…

“There is some mistake here as there are NO rooms on this floor!”

However just as I was getting back on the elevator, I turned around and noticed 1 door next to the exit staircase door (across from the elevator). That 1 door had an assigned room number – my room #220. At this point I was feeling a bit skeptical (as this was the ONLY available room on the entire floor), so I unlocked the door and to my surprise…

I felt like I just walked into a Harry Potter movie!

I walked into a full suite with a large living room area, a bar area, a bedroom with a king bed, and a bathroom with a giant Jacuzzi hot tub. All I could do is laugh and say…

I got the message!

I laughed because there I was in an awesome safe space in the middle of a construction zone. I took a few pictures and sent them to a friend who immediately responded with the comment “That space is larger than my old apartment in New York City!”

So what is the message…

Transformation is like a remodeling project.
Except instead of remodeling your house, you are remodeling your life.

Symbolically, the construction zone represents how my life is currently being “remodeled”. And as the remodeling is taking place, there is nothing to fear as I will still be comfortable with the items I feel are a necessity in my life – a big soaking tub, a king size bed, a large living room, and a bar.

Based on having an entire hotel floor to myself, my “remodeling” project might be a little larger than I expected (I wonder what is behind the curtain?!?). But as anyone knows when it comes to remodeling projects, you can always start small and focus on one room at a time.

What is even more interesting is that after I settled into my room, I received an email from a friend mentioning that she received a message from her spirit guides but was struggling to interpret it and asked me for my opinion. So I quickly created a sound meditation for her and sent it to her.

2 days later, I told another friend about the synchronicity of events and she mentioned to me that she struggles to see any signs from the universe and asked me for my advice.
So what did I do? This week, I created a sound restoration meditation video to assist people with seeing and interpreting the signs from the universe. If you are curious, please check out the video and email me what you discovered. As I would love to see if there are any common themes. The link is below:

Receiving and Following Signs From The Universe

With Love and Gratitude,

Robin Rosenstiel
I create space for you to listen to your heart and take your next inspired step!


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