Misadventures On the Island of Fruits and Nuts

“You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might just find, you get what you need.”

~Rolling Stones

In January, I went to Costa Rica to learn more about plant medicine and permaculture, but in the end I didn’t really learn anything about plant medicine or permaculture. Instead I discovered:

Magic: Friday – I discovered a carved face of a jaguar next to a waterfall while walking in a forest. No one from the resort had every seen it before….and this carved faced was LARGE;

Trust: Saturday – I met a talented white river rafting guide who taught me the importance of using intuition to read the skill set/fear level of everyone so that the experience would be a fun adventure; Curiosity: Sunday – I arrived at the Permaculture resort ready to learn more about plant medicine and permaculture;

Connection: Monday – I connected with many people at the resort and with my plant spirit (lavender); Unique Genius: Tuesday – I discovered I’m awesome at holding space for others;

Surrender: Wednesday – I left the Permaculture resort in a small fishing boat. 10 people and 3 boar guides in a small fishing boat in the big Caribbean Sea with 6 foot waves, all you can do is surrender and pray you make it to shore;

Inspiration: Thursday – I went to a Wildlife Rescue Center and discovered that the owners moved to Costa Rica to retire, however the universe had different plans for them;

Perspective: Wednesday I was riding 6 ft waves in the Caribbean Sea, Friday night driving home from the airport, I was riding Northern Illinois snow drifts…go figure;

Have you ever went on a vacation or an adventure and had to throw your entire game plan away and instead watch the adventure unfold?

My Costa Rica trip was truly an awesome and insightful adventure. And over the course of the next few blogs I will share with you some of my insights and plot twists. This trip didn’t turn out as I planned, however it was exactly what I needed, and for that I’m grateful! Some how I think this is what 2019 is going to be all about….

Letting Go Of The Plan

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