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Meeting Plant Spirit Medicine

“Every healer has their favorite home remedy. Mine is Pina Coladas!”

~Robin Rosenstiel

On my last blog I mentioned that I did not have the opportunity to learn about plant medicine while I was in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is known for Cacao – a heart opening plant medicine. I was looking forward to learning more about the plant and the transformational ceremonies around the plant. But due to unforeseen events, this did not happen while at the Permaculture Resort. It was OK – life happens. But a funny thing that did happen while I was at the Permaculture

I suddenly had this urge to have Pina Coladas.

Anyone that knows me well, knows I don’t drink these types of drinks. I think that last time I had a Pina Colada was in college and if was made from a processed mix full of sugar…yuck!!! So I thought it was rather odd that I found myself tthinking about Pina Cola’s constantly while at the Permaculture Resort. So when we left the Permaculture Resort and moved to the next resort, several cohorts and myself immediately went to the bar and ordered Pina Coladas. The Pina Coladas tasted so refreshing and awesome. This was no “processed” mix, but instead fresh pineapples and coconuts. Nothing like the taste of fresh homemade cocktails…yummy! It became my drink of choice for the rest of the trip.

When I returned home to Northern Illinois and went grocery shopping guess what was the first item I saw when I walked through the store doors….Pineapples. I got the message loud and clear. I laughed, googled, and then picked up the fresh pineapples, coconuts, and coconut water in order to make my own Pina Coladas. I didn’t see that one coming…making my own Pina Coladas during ice and snow storms…hahaha. With each Pina Colada I drank (some with rum and some w/o rum), I noticed how happy and joyful the drink made me feel. I did some research and discovered…

Pineapple + Coconut = Finding the Joy In Your Own Inner Strength

For those who are unaware, food can be used to balance your chakras. Pineapple is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra and Coconut is associated with the Crown Chakra.

A week later I got sick and while I laid in bed coughing I googled natural remedies for coughs (as I was iced/snowed in and couldn’t get to town). Guess what the first remedy that appeared on my google search? Yes – you got it…

  • Pineapple contains an anti-inflammatory compound called bromelain.
  • Coconut is know for its high concentration of electrolytes and strong antioxidant properties.

Last week while I was at O’Hare Airport waiting for my flight to Toronto for Gong Yoga Training I stopped at the Teavana Tea Shop. I ordered a Green Tea with Ginger (highly recommended it if you have a cold). When I went to pick up my drink I spotted the various loose tea blends on the wall available for sale. Are you ready….yup..

Pina Cola Tea

Of course I purchased the tea and the smell makes me giggle with delight. This is getting to be too crazy as you know I just can’t make this stuff up. I’m not a fortune teller, but I’m envisioning Pina Coladas at the Paint and Pour in April.

Why am I telling you this story? This is Plant Spirit Medicine in action. How plants can communicate with and aid all of us in the power of healing —not merely their
physical medicinal properties, but the deeper wisdom and gifts that they offer. So the next time you have an urge to eat a specific plant…pay attention…that plant might just be talking to you.

So thanks Daniel…I did learn plant medicine in Costa Rica! I didn’t get what I wanted…I got what I needed.

Are you interested in learning more about Plant Spirit Medicine? If so email me and we can talk about assembling an in-person or on-line workshop.

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Misadventures On the Island of Fruits and Nuts

“You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might just find, you get what you need.”

~Rolling Stones

In January, I went to Costa Rica to learn more about plant medicine and permaculture, but in the end I didn’t really learn anything about plant medicine or permaculture. Instead I discovered:

Magic: Friday – I discovered a carved face of a jaguar next to a waterfall while walking in a forest. No one from the resort had every seen it before….and this carved faced was LARGE;

Trust: Saturday – I met a talented white river rafting guide who taught me the importance of using intuition to read the skill set/fear level of everyone so that the experience would be a fun adventure; Curiosity: Sunday – I arrived at the Permaculture resort ready to learn more about plant medicine and permaculture;

Connection: Monday – I connected with many people at the resort and with my plant spirit (lavender); Unique Genius: Tuesday – I discovered I’m awesome at holding space for others;

Surrender: Wednesday – I left the Permaculture resort in a small fishing boat. 10 people and 3 boar guides in a small fishing boat in the big Caribbean Sea with 6 foot waves, all you can do is surrender and pray you make it to shore;

Inspiration: Thursday – I went to a Wildlife Rescue Center and discovered that the owners moved to Costa Rica to retire, however the universe had different plans for them;

Perspective: Wednesday I was riding 6 ft waves in the Caribbean Sea, Friday night driving home from the airport, I was riding Northern Illinois snow drifts…go figure;

Have you ever went on a vacation or an adventure and had to throw your entire game plan away and instead watch the adventure unfold?

My Costa Rica trip was truly an awesome and insightful adventure. And over the course of the next few blogs I will share with you some of my insights and plot twists. This trip didn’t turn out as I planned, however it was exactly what I needed, and for that I’m grateful! Some how I think this is what 2019 is going to be all about….

Letting Go Of The Plan

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