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Fun with Biker Bars, Wing Gongs, and Zebra Medicine

“Never water yourself down just because someone can’t handle you at 100 proof.”


This past week has taken an interesting turn – one I never saw coming. It started out last Sunday when a friend and I decided to go see Mr. Ed (a local band) at a bar we had never been at before. After we parked the car and started walking to the patio of the bar, we realized that it was a biker bar. Since the event was going to be outside on a deck under a canopy of trees and next to a river, we figured “why not, its a beautiful day and this should be interesting!” And interesting it was…I must admit, that Sunday afternoon was the most entertaining afternoon I had in a long time. It was refreshing being surround by people just being 100% themselves. So often we are taught to be like everyone else, to hide parts of ourselves for fear of being excluded from the group because we are different.

Zebra Medicine #1 – Blending into a crowd without losing your individuality is one powerful aspect of Zebra.

Sunday evening I decided to sign up for a 2019 Gong Yoga Workshop in Toronto. During our phone conversation, I mentioned my weekend activities of purchasing a Wind Gong and visiting a biker bar. When I opened the email receipt the following note was added:

Glad to chat more this evening! Yay, sounds like you are having fun with biker bars and wind gongs – haha, that is a fun sentence I just wrote!

Zebra Medicine #2 – Surround yourself with those that encourage you and support you.

Friday, during a bi-weekly business conference call, I spoke about the Gong Workshop that I had attended earlier in the month. After a few giggles, I was asked if I could do a sound meditation at our next on-site meeting. I was totally shocked by the request. Can this be true? Is Corporate America really ready for sound healing?

Zebra Medicine #3 – Teaches us that the steps we take each day is part of the great journey of making our dreams a reality.

Are you ready to experience Zebra medicine in action this week? Have you been struggling to resolve an issue? I have created a sound meditation for you to check out.

Zebra Medicine – Let Go and Trust Sound Meditation

This sound meditation helps you to solve a problem that you are struggling with. Zebra medicine teaches you to stop pushing your way through obstacles and instead to relax and let the solution present itself. Check it out and let me know what you think and what solutions present themselves to you.

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