When Was The Last Time…


 “When was the last time you danced?

When was the last time you sang?

When was the last time you told a story?

When was the last time you said WTF?”

~Robin Rosenstiel

My Flawsome WTF moment from last week.

I was in an elevator in Glastonbury Connecticut at 8am last Wednesday when a person made the most odd and startling comment to me. The comment…

You must be a spy!

Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up. I did my usually eye rolling and laughing routine of “Yup – that’s right. I’m a spy!”. Needless to say, I was happy to get out of that elevator. But that statement from a total stranger really got me thinking about what my life looks like to people who don’t really know me. Let’s see…

  • I live in Kent Illinois.
  • I live in a restored Hardware store.
  • I work from home.
  • I travel all over the Midwest for work (when I’m not working from home).
  • I travel internationally for vacation (sound healing, plant medicine).

As I type this, I realize that my life has really changed over the course of the past 10 years. And no – I’m not a spy (ha ha ha).

Somedays I don’t even recognize my own life. And that is the beauty of making the decision of transforming your life. You just never know what your life is going to look like in the end. Every day you get to wake up surprised!

For example…these days I wake up to the sound of pitter patter as kittens run down the hall way ( I never saw that one coming!). I still don’t know what the final vision of my life will look like but needless to say it will be full of flawsome WTF moments.

So if you are ready to dance, sing, tell stories, and show up as your flawsome self, join me Saturday night at the Kent Emporium. The details are below. Hope to see you there!

When was the last time you said WTF?

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Tune In/Tune Up Chakra Energy Balancing Session

Infinite Possibilities

Shamanic Life/Business Strategy Session



With Love and Gratitude,

Robin Rosenstiel
I create space for you to listen to your heart and take your next inspired step!



Kent Emporium Tribe Appreciation

Where: Kent Emporium

When: Saturday August 25th

Time: 6:00pm – 10:00pm

Cost: Dish/Cocktails to Share

With music by Mr. Ed Time to celebrate the end of summer . Join me and the band Mr. Ed for a flawsome evening of music, dancing, and laughing around the camp fire. Heck, I will probably even setup the labyrinth and have a fire ceremony so we can all let of go of what stops our flawsomeness from shining.


Chakra Totem Awakening

Integrate Animal Medicine into your Chakra System

Where: Kent Emporium

When: 2018 Workshop Series (details below)

Did you know that you have more than one Animal Guide?

In addition to your predominant guides, you have an Animal Totem specifically associated with each of your Chakras. Learn more about the Chakra system and how to integrate animal medicine in order to receive support in all areas of your life.

Call upon the power of your Animal Totems, bring their energy to life within you and awaken your own Power and Purpose.

Monthly Individual Workshops (1pm – 5pm): $50 each

Sept 8th: Third Eye Chakra Totem

Oct 6th: Crown Chakra Totem

Please note: If you are only interested in attending a workshop for one specific chakra, no worries. Each workshop is a stand alone workshop.













Where: Angels Group/Freeport IL

When: Saturday September 15th Time: 10:00pm – 12:00pm

Speaker: Robin Rosenstiel

Topic: The Healing Power of Sound

This program will discuss how each of us can use the power of sound to heal and transform our lives. Robin will share her story, her own experiences, and provide a set of tools that you can use in your own life.

Please contact Steve at sspyrison@msn.com to register and to get the address of the location.


Fall 2018 Schedule

October 7th: 2pm-3pm

November 4th: 2pm-3pm

December 2nd: 2pm-3pm

More dates to follow after I return from the Labor Day Gong Workshop! Woohoo!!!