Living In The Spiral


 “The path isn’t a straight line; it’s a spiral.  You continually come back to things you thought you understood and see deeper truths.”

It’s official – I have survived what started out as Whac-A-Mole Week and turned into Manic May. So I won’t be needing that hot pink straight jacket or the sparkly helmet after all. Thank goodness!!! There were moments when I found myself starting to go down the slippery slope of beating myself up for allowing my calendar to get totally out of control (lets be honest – I have no one to blame but myself). But whenever I started down that path of self loathing, I would ask myself the following question:

What is the gift in this?

 And this is what I discovered…

I have changed! When life throws me a curve ball I no longer drop my selfcare program.

Historically I was raised to put others’ needs before my own needs. It isn’t a good or bad approach to life as it does serve a purpose at times. For example: I was raised on a farm and even when I wasn’t feeling good, I was still required to feed the cattle every morning and night. This is just part of the farming work ethic. After I left the farm, I continued to follow this model which led me to not having firm boundaries, over committing, and thus finding myself worn out and exhausted. Over the years I have learned to say NO to over committing and reclaiming my boundaries, but sometimes life still throws me a curve ball. Personally I’m starting to think it is a test – and May was one of those “test” months for me.

Throughout May, I continued to:

  • Schedule massages
  • Meditate
  • Eat healthy
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Exercise daily
  • Attend personal and business coaching sessions
  • Make time for my tribe of friends
  • Make time for myself by relaxing and working on mandala art

I learned to stop being so rigid with myself and instead I learned to go with the flow and be flexible with my self-care approach.  So the next time you find yourself repeating an old spiral story, stop and pause and ask these questions:

Am I putting everyone’s needs before my own?
Do I put myself last when life throws me a curve ball?

Are you ready to put yourself and your self-care first this summer? Join me June 16-17 for a full weekend of self-care as we explore the Lower Chakras:

  • Get Set For Success: Connect with your Power Animal and your Chakra Animal Totems
  • Get Vision: Determine where you are stuck in an old story and how to shift and create a new story that lights you up
  • Set Your Compass North: Your Body Is Your Compass. Learn to decode your body
    messages as you take steps towards creating your new story
  • Get Real: Create positive relationships that support you and your new story
  • Boost Your Power: Take care of yourself and discover your joys
  • Get Out Of Your Own Way: Identify your blocks, design the way forward
  • Uncharted Territory: Learn to navigate the ups, downs, and curve balls of life.

Are you ready to put yourself and your self-care first this summer?

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With Love and Gratitude,

Robin Rosenstiel
I create space for you to listen to your heart and take your next inspired step!