Standing At The Crossroads


 “Growth is uncomfortable because you’ve never been here before – you’ve never been this version of you. So give yourself a little grace & breathe through it.”

~Kristin Lohr

2017 was a big transitional year for myself and so many people that I have spoken to. Everyone had the same story….

Learning to let go

I had to let go of relationships, a company, and a lifestyle that no longer fit in order to make space for something new to come in. Letting things go without out knowing the bigger picture is rather scary (to say the least). Especially when we grew up in a culture where everyone wants to know your plan. And when people press you for the plan, you know in your heart….

I have no plan!

I didn’t realize how much baggage I let go of since 2006 and how many times I had stepped into the unknown, until a dear friend and I were discussing music this past week and I asked the question “What is your favorite song?” I was surprised when I received a technical response…”Depends on the key”. But then again, what do you expect when you ask a musician that question!!!!

So I found myself trying to pin down my own favorite song. As I went through my play list, I started to realize that every one of my favorite songs told a story of my own life and learning to let go and step into the unknown without a plan…

Comfortably Numb/Pink Floyd: 2006 – When I recognized that I was miserable and in denial about the life I had created.

Another Brick In The Wall/Pink Floyd: 2007 – When I decided I was “done” and moved to Canada!

Candy/Iggy Pop: 2008 – While living in Canada, rediscovering the healer within me after keeping it buried for 20 years. Plus I saw Iggy live in concert!

Human/The Killers: 2009 – While living in England, I learned to surrender to the unknown by putting my life into the hands of a Garim GPS system, plus realizing that life is an adventure. Nothing says adventure like learning to drive on the wrong side and encountering roundabouts ever couple of miles.

Hotel California/Eagles: 2010 – 2017 – Spending 7 years at my last employer! What can I say? Was this heaven or hell? Hmmmm……

Life Is A Highway/Tom Cochrane: 2017 – Stepping into the unknown of new beginnings of a new company, a new career, a new travel schedule, and a new office (working from home).

Roll Me Away/Bob Seger: January 2018 – I was walking through Hartford CT airport at 5am on a Saturday morning (on my way back home) and I spotted a crossroads sign in the airport. As I read the sign, I thought of Bob Seger’s song Roll Me Away…

I could go east. I could go west. It was all up to me to decide.

Since I saw that sign at the airport, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my healing crisis, where I should go next, and what I should do. And last night while attending an annual Wine and Chocolate Tasting event, I found myself having an in-depth discussion around healing and chakras. Midway through the discussion, my friend pointed out the animal totem picture hanging on the wall next to us.

Just then I saw a young hawk flying
And my soul began to rise
And pretty soon
My heart was singing

Who knew that standing at the crossroads and thinking of the song “Roll Me Away” would be the prelude for a sequence of events that unfolded throughout the month. Sometimes when you are at the crossroads, you just have to take a leap of faith and follow the signs. Stay tuned.

What choice would you make it you really believed in your dream?

What does your soul want to create?




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