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Honoring 2017


“To make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.”

~TS Eliot

As we near the end of 2017, it’s a great time to reflect on your year. For me, it has become a yearly ritual where I find myself hibernating between Christmas and New Year as I journal and reflect on 2017. I reflect not only from a business, career, and financial perspective, but also from a personal perspective. Below are the questions I ask myself. I have also included my year-end ritual below for those interested in starting a new year end practice.

  • What am I grateful for having experienced as I reflect on the last year?
  • How did these events, people, sorrows, blessings, and adventures shape me?
  • What are my five defining moments for the past year? Moments that I felt fully alive, fully myself, fully creative, fully of service or…
  • What am I proud of accomplishing, letting go of, accepting, changing this past year?

Do not skimp on the “What am I proud of” question. Pay attention to what you are proud of. It is essential to notice what you have done and honor it! Feel free to send me an email telling me what you are proudest of this year.

Happy New Year!

End Of Year Ritual

Purpose: To celebrate the journey of 2017

1. Give thanks in writing. I write a list of everything I’ve been grateful for in 2017 and why. Example: I’m grateful for being a finalist for Fish Tank as it is a stepping stone for bigger and better opportunities in 2018.

2. Declutter your space, and your brain. I can not speak enough about this subject. If your living space and your brain is full of clutter, there is no space for anything new to come into your life. Write your thoughts down on paper and get them out of your head. You will be surprised by what you learn about yourself.

3. Counteract any lingering old stories and instead write down what you are proud of. As you assemble the list, you will realize that you have accomplished more than you realized.

4. Remind yourself how much you’ve learned. Just like you probably accomplished more this year than you remember, you also probably learned more than you realize. But the key to getting the most out of that new knowledge is actually putting it to use.

5. Make peace with your failures (and your enemies). While counting your blessings in various ways is a powerful way to end the year, it also helps to put to bed any conflicts and regrets you’ve racked up too.

6. Learn to expect the unexpected. It’s easy after something happens to feel that it was inevitable, but it’s only hindsight that’s 20/20. Remind yourself of that fact and make space in your life for surprises. Make a concrete list of all the places life has taken you in the past year that you didn’t expect — and let it serve as a reminder that the coming year will likely be full of surprises, too.”

7. Light a (literal) fire. In many parts of the country, a New Year’s fire is a good idea simply to keep away the cold, but you could also use that cozy fireplace for ritualistic purposes. Why not write down your fears and burn them to cinders before the clock strikes midnight? You can buy fly wish paper. Write down on one piece of paper what you want to let go of, and on another piece of paper what you want to manifest (for themselves, for others, and for the planet). Burn the paper and watch it fly into the universe. A fireplace works perfectly well too.



Are you feeling like you are at a cross roads and not sure what direction to go in? Are you struggling on where to focus your time and energy as you create a life and/or business on your terms? Are you looking for clarity?  Schedule a free 45 minute Shamanic Life or Business Strategy session where together we will discover your next inspired step towards turning your dreams into reality. Click here to schedule.

I create space for you to listen to your hear and take your next inspired step! 

Robin Rosenstiel



Community Events
Connecting with others’ dreams

be-inspired“Be Inspired” Event

  • Where: Kent Emporium
  • When: Saturday Jan 6th
  • Time: 3:00pm – 8:00pm
  • Cost: Beverages and Snacks to Share
  • Community Fire Ceremony: 5ish

What does a “Be Inspired” afternoon look like?

  • Lively conversations,
  • Story telling,
  • Creating art,
  • Discovering your passion,
  •  Igniting your dreams

Whether you are a painter, a writer, a conversationalist, a mixologist, a chef, or an artist yet to be defined, no experience is requires in order to participate. Art supplies are available for those who are not sure what their passion is yet.
The Kent Emporium is a place to relax and unwind so that you can discover and/or rediscover your passion. At the Kent Emporium you will feel at home away from home. Our community of people share the same beliefs…inspiration is the first step towards discovering your passion. Come in, grab a cocktail and a snack, get inspired and discover your passion!
Community Fire Ceremony
Join like-minded people as we celebrate the New Year with a community fire ceremony. As part of the fire ceremony, we will be burning the Community Wish Tree as we release those things that no longer serve us in order to make room for our wishes in 2018.








Reclaiming The Magic Of The Holiday Season


“Christmas: The only time of the year where you can sit in front of a dead tree and eat candy out of socks.”

~Rick Sutter

I’ve been struggling to get into the holiday spirit this year. When I discovered the quote above on-line, it made me laugh. It reminded me of the silliness of the holiday season. A time when we…

  • Decorate everything (including the dog ) in a Christmas theme,
  • Hang stockings in hopes that they will magically get filled with gifts,
  • Tell everyone how “great” we have been this year (in case Santa is listening),
  • Sing along to Christmas music, and * Make Christmas lists.

Even the neighborhood raccoon made a special appearance Wednesday night at the Kent Emporium. He left me his not so subtle Christmas list on the basement staircase (after he rummaged through my garbage)….Avocado’s please.

So as my special holiday thanks to everyone this year, I have attached a link to a singing bowl meditation (below) so you can re-connect to the spirit of Christmas. Enjoy!!!

Wishing you and your family a holiday season filled with magic!

Reclaiming The Magic of The Holiday Season

Purpose: To reconnect into child-like wonderment.
Imagine yourself in a gorgeous snowy landscape. As you start to walk, you notice a bridge and you choose to walk over the bridge. As you walk over the bridge you notice reindeer on the other side. This could be 1 reindeer, multiple reindeer, even maybe a sleigh. You will begin your journey by approaching the reindeer and asking for a ride to meet with Santa Claus. The reindeer whisk you way to meet Santa. Be open to how this spirit of the season (the landscape, Santa, etc.) wants to appear to you and your childlike imagination. However Santa appears to you, just ask him or her to help you reconnect to the deeply believing child inside of open back up an understanding of what this season is truly about. Santa will return you to the reindeer when it is time, and the reindeer will return you to where you met them. Be sure to feed the reindeer before you walk back over the bridge Santa put some reindeer feed in your pockets when you were not looking.

Meditation Link



Are you looking for clarity?  Schedule a free 45 minute Shamanic Life or Business Strategy session where together we will discover your next inspired step towards turning your dreams into reality. Click here to schedule.

I create space for you to listen to your hear and take your next inspired step! 

Robin Rosenstiel

My Circus and My Monkeys


“Some days your life is all about your dreams, hopes and visions for the future. But there are some days where life is just about putting one foot in front of the other…and that’s okay”

How has your week been going? Have you been having technical issues? Mysterious aches and pains? Do you feel like you are moving backwards and not getting anything done? Do you want to move forward and too many things are laying in your way? What has been slowing you down?

Just notice where you are today.
Just notice when you are trying to move in a way the energy does not want to move in.

I’ve been clenching my jaw this week. I’m not sure when I started doing this. I didn’t even realize I was doing this until I was in the middle of getting a massage today. Throughout the massage, I noticed that my body was full of knots (thank goodness I have a great massage therapist). When did all of this stress and tension start? I checked my calendar and my last massage was November 16th. So all this tension happened in the last month!

Welcome to a month of…

  • holiday festivities,
  • year-end business activities, plus
  • Mercury Retrograde thrown in just to make us feel like we are stuck in mud.

I led a mediation on Tuesday that spoke about the significance of this month. Mercury Retrograde is all about slowing down and surrendering to the space between.

We are between foot steps right now.

Do you feel out of balance? Are you feeling frustrated, exhausted, and defeated? Are you trying to push forward while the world around you is saying NO?

What old stories are coming up for you right now?

My old story is around time, control and deadlines. If this doesn’t get done now, other things will be impacted. How can I keep all of the balls in the air? If one ball drops, even more time will be wasted as I will have to juggle everything around. I feel like I’m a featured juggler of a traveling circus. And then it hit me…

That awful moment when you realize this IS your circus and those ARE your monkeys.

And this is the purpose of Mercury Retrograde. Mercury Retrograde always brings up something that is unconscious within you that you need to see now.

What if you could just accept where you are right now? The space between footsteps. What is it like to stop expecting yourself to arrive and accept the truth that you are exactly where you need to be.

You are in between realities. A temporary less stable reality. Because the new land is not known yet, this transition space has qualities of this new land that is unknown. We have expectations on ourselves that we should know this new land, even though we do not. We departed a territory that we where familiar with and now we are in unfamiliar territory. This unfamiliar territory is changing you and preparing you for the new land. You just are not there yet.

What if it was OK to be uncomfortable?

What if it was OK to use some of your energy to just notice the resources and energy required to be in the unknown?  To notice how you react to being in the known? What is needed to be in this transitional space in a healthy way? What does your heart need right now?

5 Minute Emotional Makeover

Purpose:  To change the old never-ending story that is playing in your head.

Here are 4 simple steps to help you change the story…

  1. Describe it. Describe what is going on in your body. Example: My jaw is clenching and aches with tension.
  2. Name it. Describe what you are feeling. Example: I’m feeling under pressure to get it all done.
  3. Find the sentence. Find the sentence that is causing the emotion. Example: It’s almost year-end and I’m feeling pressure that I won’t get everything done.
  4. Change it. Change the sentence. Example: I am fully supported and can ask for help. If I don’t make a deadline, the world will not end.



Are you looking for clarity?  Schedule a free 45 minute Shamanic Life or Business Strategy session where together we will discover your next inspired step towards turning your dreams into reality. Click here to schedule.

I create space for you to listen to your hear and take your next inspired step! 

Robin Rosenstiel





Running On Empty


“You have to calendar time for yourself

even if you have no idea what you’re going to do with it.”

~Susie Bright

This week I have spent the full week in off-site business meetings (8am – 8pm). This is the first time my calendar has been over booked this way since 1Q2017. The meetings this week reminded me of what my life looked like prior to 2017 and how I never intent to return to this type of over scheduling on a consistent basis going forward.  What made me decide to change my calendar and my life?

A Photo

Last year at this time I participated in a Mentor Masterclass Holiday 24 Day Challenge. The purpose of this challenge was to start the New Year with new rituals, intention, & soulful purpose. Each day I would receive an email with a video story and a challenge. My biggest AHA moment from this challenge was around my calendar. As part of the challenge I was to take a photo of a typical day on my calendar and post it on Instagram.

OMG – I never realized how crazy my calendar looked until I saw a photo of it.

I was scheduled from 7am to 6pm daily with work meetings (including working lunches), plus my own self-care program scheduled in the early am hours followed by my coaching business in the evenings. That photo showed how crazy my calendar looked (booked from 5am – 9pm daily) and explained why I felt depleted, stressed, frustrated, and pulled in every direction. There was literally….


What is WHITE SPACE? Time where you’re scheduled to go absolutely nowhere, do absolutely nothing, and see absolutely no one. Because of that photo, I made a choice and I set a 2017 objective to create WHITE SPACE in my calendar daily.
Today I’m proud to say that my calendar is 100% different than what it looked like before 2017. What changed? I learned to take 4 simple steps (details below)…

  • Block out my calendar for Me Breaks during the day;
  • Ask the question “Is this value added work or non-value added filler work?”
  • Say NO!;
  • Stop being an over achieving people pleaser;

Creating White Space:

Purpose: Rejuvenate yourself by scheduling time to go absolutely nowhere, do absolutely nothing, and see absolutely no one.

Here are 4 simple steps to help you create more white space in your days…

1. Stop and take a hard look at your calendar. How much space and time do you allow yourself in between meetings and time frames within your day? If you find yourself going from one thing to the next, with no breathing room in between items, focus on more planning time with your calendar. Giving yourself even a few minutes of breathing room can make a huge impact on your performance and in your day.

2. Don’t say “yes” to everything, or at a minimum say “not right now.” White space doesn’t just happen – you have to create it and schedule it.
3. Leave time at the end of your day for planning and clean-up. This must be SCHEDULED time – consider it your most important appointment of the day and make it a priority every single day. Use this time to re-cap the day, clean up your desk, empty that email box and, most importantly, plan for the next day. This way, you get to leave work at work and focus on the things and people in your life during your off-hours.

4. Let go of the feelings that you have to get it all done right now! This frenetic way of thinking is perpetuated in our society and it’s very counterproductive. We all look very busy and important making calls, hurrying off to meetings, ticking off item after item that needs to be done to get through the day. Although your appointments, meetings and tasks are all very important, keep in mind the mantra that if EVERYTHING is important, then NOTHING is important!

The Blah-Blah-Blah Story


“We have to start putting ourselves on the to-do list.”

~Giuliana Rancic

Monday I woke up feeling overwhelmed, indecisive, and anxious. I could literally feel my head spinning out of control over the list of things I needed to get done this week. As I sat down, sipped my first cup of tea, and tried to concentrate, my mind went blank as I found myself unable to decided what to work on first. So I avoided doing anything productive and went internet shopping (as a distraction) for about 30 minutes as the following thoughts continually played in my head like a broken record…

Where do I begin?
How am I going to get all of these tasks done this week?

I knew I was going to be on the road for 3 days with very limited free-time and the more I stalled, the more anxious I became. In reality, I just really needed to get out of my own way. I call this…

My “Blah-Blah-Blah” story

My Blah-Blah-Blah story consists of me telling myself that I have to figure it all out on my own. My brain goes into computer mode and searches out past memories to re-enforce the old story of “You must get everything done on your to-do list now!” I then become paralyzed like a deer in the headlights of an on-coming car and I stop and do nothing.
When I find myself in this old story, I realize that I’m not making any choices at all but instead waiting for someone else to make the choice for me and tell me what to do. Nothing good ever happens when I wait for someone else to make my choices. I needed to get out of my own way. I needed to…

Get to the other side!

So I took 1 small step. I wrote all of my to-do tasks down on a piece of paper. That 1 small step always helps me to get everything out of my head.  I then reviewed each task and asked the following question…

Does this task get me closer to where I want to be tomorrow?

Asking that one question quickly reduces a lot of “filler” tasks that can wait until another time (or better yet – just never do – bag it!). For the remaining “must do” tasks on the list, I use the 3B method (detailed below) to finalize my options and priorities. Can I delegate it? Can I modify the task to be more enjoyable?
Learning to use this technique has taught me that I can make choices that free up my time and reduce my stress and anxiety.
And since we all have the power of choice, why not choose to enjoy our tasks or, better yet, choose to do less in order to free up time to enjoy life more?

Would you like to go deeper into this practice? Join me on Sunday at the Kent Emporium where we will dive deeper and develop a meditation for you to use to assist you in managing your To-Do List.

The To-Do List Solution: 3Bs – Bag Barter Better

Purpose: Expand your awareness of where your energy goes daily, preserve energy, boost productivity, open up time to do more of what you love.
This tool was taught to me by my mentor, Martha Beck.

1. Write down your To-Do List

2. Ask the question: Does this task get me closer to where I want to be tomorrow?

3. Review each task and notice if any of your to-do tasks make your feel tense and anxious. If so, apply the 3Bs, choosing the one which helps to alleviate the anxiety the most:

  • Bag It = Don’t do it if you really don’t have to (trust me this works!)
  • Barter It = Give it to someone else to do (aka, delegate!); or Hire someone to do
    it for you; or Swap the task with someone else by offering an exchange of service.
  • Better It = Improve the experience by adding something fun to the process or by planning a reward once it’s complete. (Not unlike a Bribe!) Play your favorite music while cleaning, sip a latte while paying your bills, plan to have a glass (or two) of wine at the end of the day and celebrate completing a report.

Rewrite the list using your 3B solutions. Notice how each task now feels. If there’s one that still doesn’t feel good, re-apply the 3Bs until you create a solution that does!

How will you use the 3Bs, today?


re you looking for some guidance and support while you take steps towards turning your dreams into reality? Schedule a free 30 minute guided session where together we will discover your next inspired step towards turning your dreams into reality. Click here to schedule.

I create space for you to listen to your hear and take your next inspired step!  Robin Rosenstiel