Surprises On The Road To Freedom


Life is full of surprises.”

~John Major

This week I flew to Cincinnati Ohio for business. As I checked into the hotel, I discovered that the hotel was hosting a Ventriloquist Convention.

Muppets every where!

I have traveled all over the world and I must admit that this was a first. Imagine walking down the halls of the hotel every morning and night and seeing Muppets every where. And even more interesting where the people attending the convention. Smiling and laughing people (ages from 10 -90; multiple nationalities: USA and European). There wasn’t a grumpy person to be seen. Even cars in the parking lot had Ventriloquist logos on them. And as a result…

Every day was filled with wonderful surprises.

Who knew that so many people could get so excited about being a ventriloquist. These people each followed their heart and as a result they found a tribe of like minded people.

And this what happens when you decide to take action and follow your heart…You find your tribe.

Of course most people get stuck at the cross roads. Why? Fear kicks in and you start questioning your decision. You wake up in the middle night with thoughts running through your head. Thoughts like…

  • People will think I’m crazy.
  • My friends and family will laugh at me.
  • I will be alone because no one will understand me.
  • I will need to make space in my life and as a result, I will need to set healthy boundaries and disappoint people. As I can’t be everything to everyone.

Which one of these thoughts stops you from moving forward and keeps you at the cross roads?

The Ventriloquist Convention is living proof that if these people can follow their hearts and find their tribes…SO CAN YOU!

Are you ready to stop hanging out at the cross roads?  Take one step forward and schedule a 20 minute “Discover” session (form below) to identify your next inspired step towards following your heart.

Freedom Seekers Guide Summer 2017 Virtual Freedom Highway Road Trip


Here is where you can…
Redefine Yourself and Re-imagine Yourself

Prompt for the week:  Blank Space Week. Time to step back, relax, breathe and celebrate how far you have come on this road trip. Ask yourself…

  • What has shifted since I started down this road?
  • How have these shifts inspired me?
  • What AHA moments caught me my surprise?

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