Stepping Off The Beaten Path


Every time I’ve strayed from the beaten path I’ve never regretted it.”

~Tori Murden

This week I decided it was time to step outside of my comfort zone and mix it up. I had just finished reading the book “Worthy: Boost Your Self-Worth To Grow Your Net Worth” and decided to participate in the exercise….

Start Your 50 Desires List

Basically the exercise involves making a list of your top 50 craziest ideas that are currently beyond your means. For example: Buy an island, win a Grammy, write a New York Times best-selling book, have an art exhibit at the MOMA, etc. After you create the list, write the feeling or experience you believe having that desire will bring you. Next, look at your 50 Desires List and…..

Choose the top 5 that light you up the most

Ask yourself the following questions for each of your top 5:

  • Is there anything I have to eliminate from my life to have this?
  • What resources do I have now that would help me attain this desire?
  • Is there someone I could ask for help?
  • What’s one action I can take toward making this desire real – even if it’s just looking at the fears, beliefs, excuses, and underlying commitments that might be in my way.

Take One Action Toward Your Desires

I will share my top 5 desire list as an example:

  • Write a NY Time best seller that gets translated into 20 or more languages
  • Receive $400k from 1 client for taking my “Boots On The Ground” personal training program
  • Create a franchise of soul-based entrepreneurial mentoring schools
  • Live in a foreign country 3-4 months out of the year
  • Have a fulfilling, mutually rewarding loving romantic relationship

So this week, I took the following actions:

  • Attended a local line dancing class;
  • Signed up for a book writing course;
  • Signed up for a shamanic course with Sandra Ingerman;

What in on your top 5 desire list?

I would love to hear your responses.

And if you are feeling stuck and are not sure how to move forward, please send me email (bottom of blog) and I will schedule a 20 minute “Discover” session to help chart out your next inspired step.

Freedom Seekers Guide Summer 2017 Virtual Freedom Highway Road Trip


Here is where you can…
Redefine Yourself and Re-imagine Yourself

Prompt for the week: This week, we will be going off of the beaten path and will start to walk over the bridge. Create your top 5 desire list and take 1 step forward this week. As you start to take action, ask yourself…

  • What fears are showing up?
  • What old stories show up?
  • What excuses do you make up to NOT
    take action forward?

And here….lies your dragons!

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