School’s Out – Forever?


“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”


I went to the local Staples store this past week and saw school supplies everywhere. My first reaction, as I stopped dead in my tracks, was…

OMG…is summer already over? I haven’t even wore my swim suit yet!

Of course, once I recollected my composure, I started to walk up and down the aisles like a kid in a candy store. I don’t know what it is about office and school supplies, but I love how they fill the racks with splashes of color. I’m fascinated with the various versions of pens, pencils, and sticky notes. How many version do you really need of these items? OK I confess…

I have more colors of pens and sticky notes than I care to admit.

This week I became fascinated with the end shelf full of notebooks at the local Staples store. I’m not a notebook girl (as I like plan paper – better to doddle with), but I love the choice of colors, pictures and messages that are appearing this year. Messages of living your life on your own terms, being unapologetically yourself, connecting with our spirit animals, and finding your tribe.

All of these supplies and visuals, make me want to go back to school and explore a new subject, dream a new dream, and discover the “good vibe” tribe.

What is the “good vibe” tribe? To me this means…people that are moving towards their dreams one step at a time. Not in the grandiose “big” splash sense, but the diligent, one day at a time approach. Yes, there are detours, pot holes, speed bumps, and the occasional road closed signs, but that doesn’t stop this tribe. Because in reality, the “good vibe” tribe recognizes that every day there is the opportunity to end a chapter, dream a new dream, and start a new chapter.

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 Freedom Seekers Guide Summer 2017 Virtual Freedom Highway Road Trip

route-freedom-facebookHere is where you can…

Redefine Yourself and Re-imagine Yourself

Prompt for the week: This week we make a pit stop at the Guide Station.

Ask yourself…

  •  When do I try to do it alone vs. asking for help?
  • What stops me from asking for help? Do I think asking for help means I’m weak, inadequate, less desirable, helpless, inferior, or any other derogatory label that comes to mind.
  • If I stopped and asked for help, knowing that there were no strings attached, what would I ask for? Directions, nourishment, connection, selfcare, etc.

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