Pot Holes, Speed Bumps, and Detours


“On the road of life, you can’t get off the exit ramp without some bumps and roadblocks – and a few detours.”


This has been the year of pot holes, speed bumps, and detours. What do I mean by this? I start moving forward with creating a new life and business for myself and then something happens which makes me sit back and question myself and my decisions. Questioning my own decisions is one of my favorite pastimes (especially at 3am in the morning). However this year, the questioning has become a 24×7 activity as I move into uncharted territory (new company/new position, Kent Emporium/Fish Tank, coaching/web business, etc.).

What am I questioning?

  • Is this the road to freedom or a detour to just another version of the past?
  • Why am I going down this road? Maybe I should just stop and settle.
  • Why is this so hard? Others tell me how they make $20k monthly.
  • Why am I feeling so tired and overwhelmed? Maybe I’m not cut out for this.

Even Thursday morning, more pot holes and speed bumps appeared while I was at the Cincinnati airport. I forgot my cell phone at the ticket counter (pot hole – the result of a restless night of sleep). I get into the shortest x-ray line and as I put my luggage on the conveyor, the conveyor breaks down and I’m forced to merge into the other line where there is a new x-ray technician that is going as slow as molasses (speed bump). And then the kicker…as I get to the gate, I’m informed that the flight has been delayed by 2 hours due to weather in Chicago.

REALLY?!?!?!? REALLY?!?!??! REALLY?!?!?

A latte, a tea, and an oatmeal later, I board the airplane to Chicago. As I settle into my airplane seat, the pilot made an announcement…

“Due to bad weather in Chicago, we are going to take a 15 minute detour north over Grand Rapids, with the goal of missing the storm.”

And then it hit me.

Maybe pot holes, speed bumps, and detours are a good thing because they wake us up and stop us from going into an unnecessary storms!

The truth is, I’ve looking at this topsy turvy year from the glass half-empty perspective. An old “never ending story of doom and gloom” that closely resembles the Chicken Little – Sky Is Falling story. As I stepped back and looked at the bigger picture, I realized that the sky is not falling, but getting bigger. I’m learning new things which are taking me outside of my comfort zone and as a result I’m stretching and growing. These pot holes, speed bumps, and detours are not here to sabotage and derail me, but to actually remove the baggage and the limiting beliefs that are holding me back from taking the next step.

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Freedom Seekers Guide Summer 2017 Virtual Freedom Highway Road Trip

route-freedom-facebookHere is where you can…

Redefine Yourself and Re-imagine Yourself

Prompt for the week:  What does Freedom Highway look like to you this week? Ask yourself…

  • Where are you seeing pot holes, speed bumps, and detours in your life?
  • What are these pot holes, speed bumps,
    and detours telling you?
  • Are these course correction tactics or indicators that you are on the right path and just need to slow down and be compassionate with yourself?

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