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Don’t Quit Your Day Dream


“Real Dreams don’t require you to abandon your family, quit your job, and move to Tahiti with your paint brush. They require that you search your soul for that deep dream you put aside – and go for it. And watch your life light up.” ~Barbara Sher


Several weeks ago I mentioned in my blog Catching A Dream that I was submitting an application to the Freeport Fish Tank. Last Friday afternoon I was notified that my proposal for the Kent Emporium has made it to the finals (details below). And to be honest with you…

Nothing feels as exciting, magical, and empowering as seeing a dream come to life.

These feelings are the WHY behind the vision of the Kent Emporium. As a kid, my friends and I would sit around and talk about our future dreams. Future dreams like:

  •  Getting additional education,
  • Traveling and going on adventures,
  •  Starting businesses,
  •  Pursuing artist endeavors (singing, dancing, painting, etc.), and
  •  Following our passions regardless of the money (teaching, farming, etc).

Our list was filled with endless possibilities. And then life happened. We graduated from high school and where taught to put our dreams on hold and become responsible adults. After high school graduation, like everyone else, I moved on, went to college, pursued a career, and stuffed my dreams into the closet for a very long time. Why did I stuff my dreams into the closet? The usual reasons come to mind: not enough time and not enough money. But truth be told, based on my own life experiences, it always comes down to…

Not enough encouragement and support when my own self-doubt appears!

Encouragement and support in the form of :

  • A place that inspires me to keep moving forward towards my dreams when anxiety, fear, and self-doubt show up (and they always do in the middle of the night).
  • Workshops that allow me to explore and discover my passions and my dreams.
  • Community events that support turning my passions and dreams into reality.
  • Connection to a tribe of inspirational passionate people who are also pursuing their dreams.

From my own struggles of turning my passions and dreams into reality, the Kent Emporium vision was created….

The Kent Emporium…a place where people gather and develop their tool box in order to flourish as heart driven entrepreneurs and freedom seekers through workshops, community events and best of all, connection!

Monday I will get to meet the rest of the finalists and together we will find out what our next steps are in regards to turning our dreams into reality. I’m so excited that the Kent Emporium will have the opportunity to not only support my own dream but also the opportunity to support the dreams of the other finalists. I will keep you posted as I learn more about the details leading up to October event. In the meantime…

What secret dream is hiding in you closet?

What would you do if everyone was cheering you on and no one would ever criticize you?

What are you willing to commit to so that you can set your dreams in motion?

What impossible thing would you like to make possible?

Meet the Freeport Fish Tank finalists

Kent Emporium Video


Feel free to send me an email or connect with me over at…Instagram and/or Facebook. I would love to hear about your dreams.


Robin Rosenstiel

I help heart driven entrepreneurs and freedom seekers cut out all the BS so they can design and create lives and livelihoods they love!

What I Learned About Myself While Making A Drum


“If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.

~Henry David Thoreau

Last Saturday I decided to take a Drum Making Workshop in Rockford IL. What inspired me to do this:

  • I wanted to create my own drum (it has been on my bucket list for a while now);
  • I wanted to meet new people;
  • I wanted to get out of my own rut and try something new;

As I drove to the event I made the decision to be…

Open and Curious

And what did I observe as I drove 30 minutes to Rockford…

  • A motorcycle with license plate that said “Jaguar”;
  • A semi-trailer with “Maya”;
  • Truck with an “Eagle” logo;
  • A car with a license plate that said “Dream”;

I laughed, wrote the signs in my journal and titled the experience as…

Symbols Abound

I had no idea what the symbols meant and just let them go as I walked into the building to meet the other participants. As we prepared to make our drums, our instructor suggested that we notice our experiences (easy, hard, frustration, etc.) during the drum making process as these are reflections of our own personal and/or professional experiences going on now in our lives. For my drum, I had selected deer skin and a 18 inch rim. Others had chosen a mix of moose, elk, and horse and different rim sizes. The first step of the process is to wring out the skin (which has been soaking in water for several days). The 2nd step is to stretch the skin with your hands. The 3rd step is to stretch the skin over the rim and cut holes in the skin using a special hole puncher every few inches in prep for stringing the skin around the rim. The 4th step is to string the skin around the rim in order to produce the drum.

What experiences did I notice:

  1. As I was stretching skin, I felt that my drum was behind schedule compared to everyone else. My lesson learned – There is my time and divine appropriate time.
  2. As I was folding the skin over the rim in order to hole punch it, a 2nd pair of hands magically appeared and offered to hold the rim down for me. My lesson learned – I need to stop doing things alone and ask for help.
  3. As I punched holes into the skin, every now and then the skin would resist. My lesson learned – Trust my intuition! If there is resistance, stop, listen, and reposition.
  4. As I strung my drum. My lesson learned – My path is not neatly structured and I see symbols where others see chaos.

At the end of the day, we came together, had dinner, and spoke about our experiences while making our drums. And as the workshop came to a close, what did I discover about the signs/symbols from the drive to Rockford: I found myself surrounded by like minded people who had jaguar and eagle energy. We talked a lot about our love of chocolate (and the maya are known for their love of chocolate) and the dream…

We all had the dream to make our own drums.

The workshop last weekend inspired me to create my own dream-catcher (another bucket list activity). So this weekend I’m going to try making one (wish me luck). The next time you have a project that requires you to work with your hands, ask yourself these questions:

When is there ease and flow and when is there resistance and frustration?

How do these energies show up in my personal and professional life?

What activities are on your bucket list? Feel free to send me an email or connect with me over at…Instagram and/or Facebook. I would love to hear about your bucket list activities.

 XXOOXX, myy-quirks

Robin Rosenstiel

Helping heart driven entrepreneurs and freedom seekers cut out all the BS so they can design and create lives and livelihoods they love!