Planting Seeds of Inspiration


“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”

~Robert Louis Stevenson

WOW…I can’t believe that I’ve been back in the Kent area for 7 years now. It doesn’t seem that long but as I start to go through the laundry list of what has happened since my return, I would probably say WTF! Below is a brief summary:

  • England position eliminated and moved back to US
  • Finalized divorce
  • Started a new career in a new location
  • Encountered a 100 Year Flood that wiped out my basement
  • Survived a physical Tornado
  • Lived through a literal Tornado (my bathroom being gutted w/o my knowledge and then calling me and asking for a remodeling plan)
  •  Completed a major 2nd floor remodeling project (post bathroom incident)
  •  Experienced various family issues (heath set backs and death)
  •  Traveled to 5 countries to study with shamen
  •  Endured working in a corporation that resembles Trumpville
  •  Shifted to coaching/mentoring entrepreneurs and freedom seekers after my exposure to Trumpville And my favorite experience of the past 7 years…

Magical gnomes destroying my plant beds year after year

(and it wasn’t the rabbits).

For the past seven years I would plant sunflowers, poppies, and various types of medicinal herb seeds. And just as the plants were starting to grow and flower, gnomes would come along and either cut them down or pull them out thinking the leafy stems were weeds. And every year I would have to replant my flower beds with plants that could be easily recognized as flowers…petunias (augh). Why did this happen? Besides the gnomes thinking they were helping me out?

The small sprouts didn’t resemble “typical” flowers and therefore did not meet the gnomes expectations of what a plant should look like.

This yearly planting seeds exercise has become a metaphor for my life for the past 7 years. How many times have you had an idea, planted the seeds, and shared your vision only to have it cut down by others just as the seeds were starting to sprout? Or your idea establishes roots and starts to grow but then life happens and you have to postpone it or let it go?

Over the past 7 years, planting and replanting actual seeds has taught me both fortitude and creativity when turning ideas into reality.

Some of my ideas never got beyond the seed stages, while others flourished for a while, but did not withstand the test of time. And then there are those ideas that have taken root, have survived the test of time, and seem to build up momentum as time moves forward. The Kent Emporium is one example. It has taken 7 years to redefine the Kent Emporium space from a bar to a workshop/community event space. 7 years of remodeling, 7 years of people telling me I’m crazy, 7 years of people telling me to sell it, and 7 years of having to listen to crazy rumors about the place. And through it all, I kept planting the seeds and sharing my vision.

So my lessons learned message to everyone getting ready to plant seeds for the future…

  • Trust Yourself,
  • Follow the signs, as signs tell you when you are on the right path,
  • Take 1 small courageous step every day,
  • Surrender as everything unfolds right on time, and
  • Ask for help by those who believe in your dream

What seeds do you want to plant this year?

What would you do if everyone was cheering you on and no one criticized you?

Feel free to send me an email or connect with me over at…Instagram and/or Facebook. I would love to hear about the seeds you are planting in your life.



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