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“In shamanic cultures, synchronicities are recognized as signs that you are on the right path.”

~Daniel Pinchbeck

If I would of told you 20 years ago that I would use shamanism in my daily life I would of laughed at you. I would of told you that “I live in the real world of work, mortgages, and limited free time. I don’t have time for Woo-Woo stuff!” There is a quote that states…

When the student is ready the teacher appears.

And that is exactly what happened to me. I was living in Canada, working for Corporate America, and standing at a cross roads in my life (personally and professionally). I was in the midst of studying Reiki and Crystal Healing as part of my own personal healing journey when a Celtic Shamanic teacher magically appeared in my life. This shamanic teacher lived in England and focused on working with Biodynamics which really resonated with me and my farming roots. Since she taught via the internet and I lived in Canada, I decided to signed up for her 3-year program (after I passed a test in order to be accepted into her program). Fast forward 3 months later and I was suddenly offered an opportunity via work to transfer to England. How could I refuse such an offer?

And this is where the beginning of my education in shamanism started.

A shaman is a healer that can see in the dark. A shaman can gather information in the spiritual realm and bring it back into everyday reality. Traditionally, shamans are the medicine men and women of the tribe who deal with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances or illnesses. Today, shamans come from all walks of life and help people in the contemporary world with challenges in relationships, health, wealth, career or spirituality.

My decade plus of studying shamanism has taught me how to…

  • Reconnect with nature and learn that everything is interconnected.
  •  Heal myself by learning that my thoughts are connected to my emotions.
  •  Create alters as a form of spiritual practice.
  • Speak from a place of honesty and vulnerability and most important…

Lead from my heart and not my head.

The tools I learned have served me through many transitions and upheavals in my life. I use the tools on a daily basis as part of my own ongoing self-care practice. I also use the tools to work through the inevitable conflicts within professional and personal relationships.

Some of the things that shamanism has taught me…

  1. Everything on earth is interconnected.
  2. Your thoughts are connected to your emotions.
  3. Respect the Earth.
  4. The Four Elements are at Your Service: Earth, Water, Fire and Air.
  5. Pay Attention to Animal Medicine.
  6. Ceremony Brings Meaning into Your Life.
  7. Create an Altar.
  8. Energy work heals the body, spirit, and soul.
  9. Join (or Create) a Sacred Gathering.

If you are looking to bring deeper meaning, more contentment and a sense of being aligned with your inner knowing and life, then join me on Saturday April 1st (details below). We will discuss Shamanism in a little more detail. If you are interested in Shamanism and cannot attend tomorrow, please send me an email as I will add you to the email list for future shamanic classes that I will be offering this spring.

What tools do you use to get through the transitions and upheavals of your life?

What are your daily self-care practices?

If you are looking for a new way to grow and stretch, please join us at the ANGEL Monthly Meeting on April 1st (details below). Connect with me over at…Instagram and/or Facebook. I would love to see your pictures and hear your stories around your own transitions, upheavals, and daily self-care practices.

angelsANGELS – Monthly Meeting

  • When: April 1st Time: 10:00am – 12:00pm
  • Cost: Free (snacks encouraged)
  • Where: Parkview Nursing Home (old library), Freeport IL
  • Topic: Shamanism (Robin Rosenstiel)

This group was initiated by Annabelle Nimmo ( now passed) and Alice Fiedlerback in the 1980’s.

This group has been discussing various metaphysical, spiritual, and related topics for 4 decades. The group meets monthly (normally the 3rd Saturday). All interested are welcome to attend. To stay connected regarding future events, join the Angels Facebook Group.



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