Who Is On Your Bus?

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“Invent your world.

Surround yourself with people, color, sounds, and work

that nourishes you.”


I want to personally thank everyone that reached out to me after last weeks’ “Letting Go Of a Dream” post. People reached out to me with a mix of curiosity and heart-felt concern and compassion regarding what I was giving up. Was it the Corporate Job, my Coaching Business, or the Kent Emporium? Actually the story behind last weeks’ blog was about letting go of a corporate project that no longer served me.

What caught me most off guard about the post…

I learned not to hide from my failures as I pursue my dream.

Over the years as I have pursued my dream, I have had a failed marriage, a failed business partnership/venture – Finnucan’s Pub, a failed job and a failed career path. But there is one failure that I have kept hidden. Very few people know about this failed dream that I had stashed in the garage. It was only after I saw it heaped into a pile on the garage floor ready to be pitched last weekend that…

I learned to acknowledge and let go of the concept of failure.

Why was this dream getting ready to be pitched? This year I have decided to remodel my garage into a “sheshed“. A very kind friend has offered to assist me and started to clean out the garage last week. As he put everything into a pile, he started asking questions about the “large” amount of the planting supplies, seeds, and boxes of jars stashed in the garage. I found his questions both irritating and annoying. I didn’t have the energy to explain myself, so instead, I went upstairs and pulled a catalog out of a closet (all skeletons come out of the closet sooner or later), and brought it downstairs to show him. As I showed him the catalog, I explained that I started an medical herb business in 1999 and over time I found the business to be unsustainable for me and as a result I closed the business and labeled it a failure. I shared with him…

  • my passion behind the dream,
  • my creative solutions,
  • my lessons learned,
  • and how it led me in a new direction.


His response….

This doesn’t look like a failure to me!

WOW…in one statement I realized that I was only seeing the flaws of this failure instead of seeing its virtues.

  • What if each failure isn’t bad or good, but simply a learning experience to discover what you really want to do with your life?
  • What if each failure gets you one step closer to living an extraordinary life full of laughter and adventure?
  • What if each failure comes back around as an opportunity to do things differently?

Making the decision to let go of this most recent corporate project was based on my own experience of letting go of Soil & Soul. The project isn’t sustainable given the current allotted corporate resources, time, and money.

As I continued to discuss my failed dream with my friend, he suggested that maybe my “sheshed” should become my “working laboratory” for a future version of Soil & Soil…which just made my heart fill with excitement and joy.

What I have learned from coming out of the closet about my own failures…

My bus is filled with people who encourage me, inspire me, and believe in my dreams.

When you decide to move forward with your dream, who is on your bus?

Connect with me on my bus at…Instagram and/or Facebook. I would love to hear about your dreams and your failures.

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