Your Self-Care Attitude


“Honestly, self-care is not fluffy – it’s something

we should take seriously.”

~Kris Carr


I knew where this week was going even before it even started…a week of facilitating global business meetings Monday through Thursday from 8-5. Normally I find these type of meetings fun, collaborative, and exhilarating, however even before I walked into this weeks’ meetings I had some negative vibes (hidden agendas, witch hunts, and power plays). I knew that I could not control my external environment….so what did I decide to do?

I turned my self-care attitude into action.

What does my self-care attitude look like…

  • scheduling a massage the weekend before the meetings
  • planning and booking a weekend adventure with friends
  •  packing my traveling altar
  • playing my singing bowl for a few minutes every day
  • creating daily fresh banana, yogurt, kale smoothies in my hotel room
  • drinking freshly squeezed lime water daily
  • wearing boots that make me feel empowered
  • surrounding myself with quotes that remind me of who I am
  • saying “No” to attending the 4th group business dinner of the week
  • making space daily to exercise
  • scheduling reflexology the weekend after the meetings

It has taken me years to develop this self-care attitude and make time for myself. I was raised to believe that every ones needs came before my own. For years I believed that…

  • Self-care is selfish.
  • Self-care is expensive.
  •  Self-care is time consuming.
  •  I don’t need self-care.

These beliefs made committing to self-care for myself difficult. Do any of these beliefs sound familiar to you?

What I have learned about self-care…

  1. It is okay to take care of my needs and feelings. (If I don’t, who will take care of me?)
  2. I can take care of myself without being “selfish” or neglecting others. (There is room for everyone’s needs and feelings.)
  3. Self-care doesn’t have to cost money or a lot of time. (Self-care is an attitude, not a trip to the Caribbean.)

So what is your self-care attitude?

Do you put your needs and feelings first?

What one small self-care action can you start today?

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