Inspire.Be Inspired.


“You know all those things you’ve always wanted to do?

You should go DO THEM.”

~E.J. Lamprey

Last Saturday I had the most inspiring day. I attending the S.H.I.F.T. Workshop in

Woodbine Illinois and had the opportunity to speak about Soul Coaching and

provide two “boots on the ground” examples of my work in motion:

  • a shamanic meditation that provides an answer to your personal problem in a form of a “gift” from a spirit guide.
  • a dance meditation (Chakradance) that awakens your intuition, connection, and trust.

As I watched everyone participate (even a few with apprehension), I was truly

inspired by their actions. Why?

Everyone was Daring To Decide and….

  • Step into the unknown,
  • Have courage
  • Be open and curious, and
  • Find joy in the journey

Everyone’s actions inspired me to take my next step this week!


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The Angel Card will provide you with inspiration as you take your next step.





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