The Fog


“Don’t be afraid to go into the mist,

be excited because you don’t know where you will end up.”

~Sophie Madden

Last week I was literally and figuratively living in the land of fog. I didn’t even realize that I forgot to write my weekly blog until I was sitting at the vet’s office last Friday due to an “unplanned” cat health issue. I was in the middle of reading someone’s blog and realized…

CR*P…I forgot to write my blog this week!

How did that happen? Oh that’s right…

  • Monday’s ice storm forced me to re-juggle my work schedule for the week
  • Tuesday’s fog slowed down my departure time
  •  Wednesday’s 7:00-5:00 jam packed business meeting schedule
  • Thursday’s over packed meeting schedule followed by an unexpected cat crisis

My old friend “CHAOS” has returned.

By Friday morning, all of these external events left me scattered and distracted as I reverted back into reactive mode and threw all of my usual self-care practices to the curb. And then last Friday afternoon I saw the lesson of the week as my own internal fog started to lift. As I coached a Master Coach through her own work/life balance issues, I realized (like her), I was making time to help everyone else with their issues and I was making no time for myself. Basically the airline safety talk popped into my head…

“Please put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others.”

I had to laugh and realize, chaos is not actually my enemy but my friend. Chaos tells me when…

  • I’m running too fast and I need to slow down;
  • I’m no longer being present and mindful about how I spend my time;
  • I’m no longer in touch with what really matters, my values and priorities;
  • I’m not dealing with my stress in healthy ways;
  • My calendar space is overbooked;
  • My decisions, or in-decisions, affect everyone in my home (including my pets);

Bottom line…when I become scattered and distracted I’m unable to make a positive impact on others. Based on last weeks’ lesson learned, I have decided to pull the “overbooked go-go-go weed” from my 2017 Garden of Inspiration, Possibility, and Unlimited Potential and replace it with a new seed called “self care white space”. I have placed this new seed in my calendar so that I make time and space to nurture myself daily in 2017.

When CHAOS appears in your life, what message is it trying to tell you?

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