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What Are You Doing Today?


The journey has to feel the way you want the destination to feel.”

~Danielle LaPorte

Last night at a business dinner I mentioned that I was offering a Saturday afternoon workshop filled with meditation, dance, music, singing bowls, and coloring. My business colleague had never heard of such a workshop but was curious. So this morning I packed up my traveling singing bowl, stopped at the grocery store and purchased an adult zen coloring book plus crayons and headed to the conference room of a large manufacturing company. I walked into the conference room and pulled the items out of my backpack. I gave the coloring book and crayons to my business colleague as an early Christmas gift and she laughed. She then immediately examined the coloring book and acknowledged how useful the coloring book will be during teleconference calls to reduce her stress level. I then started to play the singing bowl and everyone in the room stopped, paused, and relaxed into the sound. It was fun watching everyday business people (union and non-union) get excited about a singing bowl. I then briefly explained the principles behind sound healing and let everyone play the bowl. In under 5 minutes, the stiff stressful conference room suddenly shifted into a relaxed playful environment full of laughter. In that moment I realized this is how I want to feel within the work environment.

Steps I’m taking to feel the way I want to feel…

  • I’m offering a Chakradance workshop: Grace.
  • I’m offering a “Be Inspired Afternoon”: Magic.
  • I’m inviting the community to Friendsgiving: Connection.
  • I’m traveling to Guatemala in December: Exploration.
  • I’m doing a house and wardrobe clear out and getting rid of anything that doesn’t feel right: Radiant & Joyful

What are you doing TODAY to feel the way you want to feel?

Meet you in Kent?




A Beacon Of Possibility


“When nothing is sure, everything is possible.”

~Margaret Drabble

One morning in September, I woke up, got out of bed, walked into the hallway, and stood in AWE. The sun was rising from the east at such an angle that my Buddha statue situated at the far west end of a very long hallway shimmered in the sunlight.

Once again, during Saturday nights’ Kent Emporium event…

I stood in AWE

I found myself nourished by: 
* heartfelt conversations, 
* expressive music, 
* inspiring dancing, 
* captivating fire, 
* and a tantalizing selection of homemade appetizers and deserts.

Everyone (including the building and the fire) where shimmering with delight.

What had felt like 5 long years of living in impossibility (remodeling, mother nature set backs, life situations, etc.), suddenly turned and I felt myself living in possibility. I am deeply grateful for the people that both offered their services and attended the event Saturday night. These people reflect the depth and talent that exists within our community. These people reflect…

Living In Possibility

Regardless of the uncertainty that lies ahead of us, this community showed me Saturday night that everything is possible.

What actions are you taking to live in possibility?

Meet you in Kent?

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