Living In A Black and White World


“Boldly be a pop of color in a black and white world.”


This week I observed the corporate people around me.  Everyone looked so miserable.  A few even complained to me about their body aches and pains and I suggested that maybe the root cause of their pain was the work they are doing.  Each person came up with an “logical” excuse but in truth I knew the answer…they where doing work that didn’t fill their hearts with joy and passion.

Then on Wednesday I had my 6-month review (yes, I know it is August and not June…the company I work with struggles with the concept of  a calendar…did I ever mention that I work with Italians).  I wasn’t sure how the review would go as the project I have been working on has been stalled for reasons completely outside of my control.  Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised when I was told 2 things:

  • You are very gifted at asking the questions no one else will ask.  People don’t get upset when you ask the tough questions.
  • You need to create a passion project, as the stalled project is dragging you down.

WOW…I didn’t see that coming.  I was mentally preparing myself to be lectured on how I didn’t fix something that was completely outside of my control.

Thursday during a meeting a colleague asked to borrow my cell phone cord.  I told him where to find it on my desk…its the purple cord in the black and white polka dotted bag.  The response


And then my passion project idea emerged….

Discover Your Unique Genius

An on-line program that will assist you in: 
* Discovering the talents, activities and actions that most serve you, others and the world. 
* Gaining awareness of the activities you persist in doing that drain your energy, time, and talent. 
* Connecting with the joy in your heart that seeks expression.

Interested in learning more?  Up below and I will email out the details as soon as I finalize the program.


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