The Road to Audacity: Being Adventurous in Life and Work



Tell your story.

Do things you care about.

Make the difference you want to make.


~Author Unknown

I’ve been thinking of purchasing a Jeep Wrangler for 4 months now. Why? I have basically 3 illogical reasons:

It looks good dirty…so I can drive it on gravel and in muddy fields

It feels like adventure…so I can explore and discover

It has a compass tire cover…so I never forget to follow my heart

When the thought first popped into my head 4 months ago, I laughed at myself for the shear illogical reasoning behind it. And within minutes of laughing at myself I drove by a church sign that read:

It’s wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark…

That sign made me think “hmmmmm”. On Wednesday, I unexpectedly discovered a business training seminar titled “The Road to Audacity” based on an actual book with the same title. The title fascinated me. How is someone trained in audacity (courage, boldness, fearlessness)? What does the road to audacity look like? Feel like?

I did some further research and discovered some very well known historic people that are examples of audacity:
  • Galileo insisting that the world is round and defying the Pope;
  • Einstein challenging Newtonian views of gravity that had prevailed for over two centuries to produce his General Theory of Relativity;
Early Thursday morning, after my usual latte stop, I continued on my drive to the office. As I waited at a stop light, I found myself questioning “How do you know if you are on the road to audacity?” And then I observed the vehicle in front of me. I smiled, laughed and thought…

What should my license plate say?

Have you ever followed your heart and did something that was totally illogical?

Were you met with resistance or acceptance?

Who stood by you and who walked away?

What were the results?

I would love to hear about your audacious stories.

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