How Truth Pursues Me


“Most often it takes a collision with something or someone or with a situation that forces you to shift the course you are on.”

~Caroline Myss

It all started Monday morning. I was tired, I hadn’t slept well, and I had to drive to Racine WI. As I started to drive, I had a lot of scattered stuff floating around in my head (work, personal, and random thoughts). And then I had one very particular random thought. I remember it well. Why? Because I said it out loud to myself while driving on a highway in the middle of no where in my car at 5:30 am. My random thought…

All I need now is a coyote to run in front of me!

And then about 2 minutes after I made that random statement…there he was. Yup…a coyote ran right in front of me across Hwy 20. All I could do was laugh and say a few sailor words.

For those of you who are not unfamiliar with coyote medicine, coyotes is a trickster that teaches us how wisdom and folly go together. When coyote enters your life, you are given the opportunity to look at something you have been avoiding. And I don’t know about you, but some days “avoidance” is my middle name.

Coyote medicine is about learning faith and trust despite the adversities and challenges we all must face on this Walk of Life.

Within 2 hours of arriving at the Racine office, I found out what I was avoiding:


I have been given the opportunity this week to look at truth from every angle. And I must admit at times I did see the folly in it. Imagine getting to sit as a by-stander on multiple witch hunts throughout the week and realizing that every group making acquisitions were both right and wrong…there was no true right or wrong. No group owned the absolute truth. The truth was totally subjective based on each groups own history and hidden agendas. Yes, some of the groups tried throwing me under the bus and/or tried baiting me into taking sides, but I held my ground and did not move from my both/and perspective. I even told a business partner that I’m a cat herder, I don’t train monkeys.

On Wednesday evening, while I was talking to a friend, she mentioned:

“Robin…you are a Truth Teller!”

OMG…and there it was…what I have been avoiding. My inconvenient truth of the situation. So that was the lesson coyote wanted me to learned. But the lesson did not end there. On Thursday I received an interesting email from an an intuitive life coach, that I follow regularly on-line. She offered to provide me a new divine job title by answering the following question “What connects you with the epic truth of who you are?” Really?!?!?!? Truth…again?!?!?!? My response to her…Exploration connects me with the epic truth of who I am. After the fact I did a little research and discovered that “exploring” is the energy and the song of the coyote. What a crazy week…but I now have a new divine job title…WOOHOO…

Guide in the Pursuit of YES

Where do you see things as right or wrong? Good or bad?

Can you shift your perspective from either/or and see things as both/and?

What connects you with the epic truth of who your are?





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