What Inspires Me


“When 99% of the people doubt your idea, you’re either gravely wrong or about to make history.”

~Scott Belsky

I don’t know about you, but something about the Summer Solstice/Full moon has brought out a week of emotional ups and downs for myself and everyone around me.  So instead of focusing on the negative aspects of each day, I decided to make a list of how each day inspired me.  My week of inspiration…

  • Saturday…coaching an awesome group of people in the garden at Nature’s Treasures has inspired me to create a magical garden;
  • Sunday…irritating calls and text messages asking if I would sell the Kent Emporium has inspired me to keep moving forward with my dream;
  • Monday…manipulative corporate training has inspired me to always be authentic with people;
  • Tuesday…my grumpy attitude has inspired me to take some time for rest and relaxation;
  • Wednesday…by taking action at work to be congruent, I was reminded of how we use to turn every negative situation into a positive opportunity which  inspired me to continue to laugh and be silly regardless of the circumstances;
  • Thursday…by being persistent, my 2 year vision for this Corporate company (1 globe/1 system) has finally become a reality (woohoo!) which has inspired me to move forward with my vision for Kent.

What has inspired you this week?

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