Coming Full Circle


“For you, it may have been just another day. But for me, it was one of those moments I won’t forget…where life comes full circle and everything you worked so hard for finally means something.”

~Author Unknown

Before you say “What…is she on vacation again?!?!?” The answer is NO!  I’ve been in Racine Wisconsin this week for business. The most interesting thing about this week is that 1 year ago (5/31/2015) I followed my intuition and closed down my Racine apartment and moved everything to Kent. It was actually the 1st time in 8 years that all of my possessions were under one roof. I never realized how much of my energy over the course of the past 8 years was spent trying to:

  • be like everyone else
  • please everyone else
  • manage others expectations of me
  • live life based on some imaginary cultural rule book
  • ignore my own dreams

Basically, I was looking outside of myself for all of the answers instead of inside myself.


So this week, while in Racine, I took a stroll down memory lane and reflected on everything I left behind. I meet familiar faces every where I went. I browsed through the aisles of my favorite stores. And I had drinks at my old hang outs. At my last stop, the Tiki bar overlooking Lake Michigan, I met my friends for one last cocktail as we told stories of our past misadventures. After the last story was told and everyone was departing for the evening, I sat there and realized that I had ended up exactly where I started 6 years ago. And at that moment I laughed and said “I got it!” and decided to celebrate coming full circle because something new is on the horizon.

What is ending in your life?

Do you make time to celebrate the ending?

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