The Art of Living


“Authentic happiness is always independent of external conditions.”


When I awoke at 5am on Thursday, I laid in bed and felt it radiating from my heart…

Authentic Happiness

I just laid there in amazement as the sensation of being totally present, calm, grounded, and content vibrated from my heart. There were no thoughts of the past (the would of, should of, could of) and there were no thoughts of the future (where am I going, what am I doing). Where did this amazing feeling come from? Nothing really extraordinary happened this week. I didn’t win the lotto, get a new position, or go on an awesome vacation. But yet, my heart was radiating this feeling of total content and satisfaction. I couldn’t help but be curious about this newly discovered sensation and as a result I decided to track the events of the week to see if I could determine the root cause.

As I laid in bed…

 Was it sleep? Nope, I was actually getting less sleep then normal as I recently discovered the Netflix TV Show “Reign”;
 Was it my diet? Nope, I was eating junk all week as a result of hosting a 4 day workshop (donuts, kringles (Wisconsin pastry), mexican, pizza, chinese, etc.);
 Was it my exercise program? Nope, I was totally slacking this week;

At the office…

 Was it the workshop I was facilitating? Nope, still the same subject matter;
 Was it the people? Nope, still the same people with the same issues;
 Was it my position? Nope, still the same position;

After the workshop ended, I returned to Kent and I sat on the deck and continued to contemplate the situation…

 Was it the realtor that called and inquired as to whether or not I was ready to sell the Kent Emporium? Nope…sorry…the Kent Emporium isn’t for sale;
 Was it the beauty of my landscaping? Nope, the landscaping plan still isn’t done and as a result the weeds are growing everywhere;
 Was it my extraordinary life? Nope, still the same “imperfect” messy life;

And then it dawned on me, all of the external conditions were the same. The only thing different was me. So what changed in me this week? This week I set an intention and made a daily conscious choice to be congruent. I decided to take the risk of being different for the sake of being real: an original instead of a copy. I decided to conform not to an outside version of what the world expects of me (to be perfect, to be overly structure every moment of every day, to judge, to worry, to be serious, to think linear, etc.), but to the unique gift, insights and perspectives that I bring to the world (flow, intuition, laughter, and rose colored glasses).

This week, I finally got it right and followed my heart!

Are you following your heart?

What is stopping you from following your heart?

How long will you wait until you follow your heart?




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