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What Inspires Me


“When 99% of the people doubt your idea, you’re either gravely wrong or about to make history.”

~Scott Belsky

I don’t know about you, but something about the Summer Solstice/Full moon has brought out a week of emotional ups and downs for myself and everyone around me.  So instead of focusing on the negative aspects of each day, I decided to make a list of how each day inspired me.  My week of inspiration…

  • Saturday…coaching an awesome group of people in the garden at Nature’s Treasures has inspired me to create a magical garden;
  • Sunday…irritating calls and text messages asking if I would sell the Kent Emporium has inspired me to keep moving forward with my dream;
  • Monday…manipulative corporate training has inspired me to always be authentic with people;
  • Tuesday…my grumpy attitude has inspired me to take some time for rest and relaxation;
  • Wednesday…by taking action at work to be congruent, I was reminded of how we use to turn every negative situation into a positive opportunity which  inspired me to continue to laugh and be silly regardless of the circumstances;
  • Thursday…by being persistent, my 2 year vision for this Corporate company (1 globe/1 system) has finally become a reality (woohoo!) which has inspired me to move forward with my vision for Kent.

What has inspired you this week?

The Art of Living


“Authentic happiness is always independent of external conditions.”


When I awoke at 5am on Thursday, I laid in bed and felt it radiating from my heart…

Authentic Happiness

I just laid there in amazement as the sensation of being totally present, calm, grounded, and content vibrated from my heart. There were no thoughts of the past (the would of, should of, could of) and there were no thoughts of the future (where am I going, what am I doing). Where did this amazing feeling come from? Nothing really extraordinary happened this week. I didn’t win the lotto, get a new position, or go on an awesome vacation. But yet, my heart was radiating this feeling of total content and satisfaction. I couldn’t help but be curious about this newly discovered sensation and as a result I decided to track the events of the week to see if I could determine the root cause.

As I laid in bed…

 Was it sleep? Nope, I was actually getting less sleep then normal as I recently discovered the Netflix TV Show “Reign”;
 Was it my diet? Nope, I was eating junk all week as a result of hosting a 4 day workshop (donuts, kringles (Wisconsin pastry), mexican, pizza, chinese, etc.);
 Was it my exercise program? Nope, I was totally slacking this week;

At the office…

 Was it the workshop I was facilitating? Nope, still the same subject matter;
 Was it the people? Nope, still the same people with the same issues;
 Was it my position? Nope, still the same position;

After the workshop ended, I returned to Kent and I sat on the deck and continued to contemplate the situation…

 Was it the realtor that called and inquired as to whether or not I was ready to sell the Kent Emporium? Nope…sorry…the Kent Emporium isn’t for sale;
 Was it the beauty of my landscaping? Nope, the landscaping plan still isn’t done and as a result the weeds are growing everywhere;
 Was it my extraordinary life? Nope, still the same “imperfect” messy life;

And then it dawned on me, all of the external conditions were the same. The only thing different was me. So what changed in me this week? This week I set an intention and made a daily conscious choice to be congruent. I decided to take the risk of being different for the sake of being real: an original instead of a copy. I decided to conform not to an outside version of what the world expects of me (to be perfect, to be overly structure every moment of every day, to judge, to worry, to be serious, to think linear, etc.), but to the unique gift, insights and perspectives that I bring to the world (flow, intuition, laughter, and rose colored glasses).

This week, I finally got it right and followed my heart!

Are you following your heart?

What is stopping you from following your heart?

How long will you wait until you follow your heart?




How Truth Pursues Me


“Most often it takes a collision with something or someone or with a situation that forces you to shift the course you are on.”

~Caroline Myss

It all started Monday morning. I was tired, I hadn’t slept well, and I had to drive to Racine WI. As I started to drive, I had a lot of scattered stuff floating around in my head (work, personal, and random thoughts). And then I had one very particular random thought. I remember it well. Why? Because I said it out loud to myself while driving on a highway in the middle of no where in my car at 5:30 am. My random thought…

All I need now is a coyote to run in front of me!

And then about 2 minutes after I made that random statement…there he was. Yup…a coyote ran right in front of me across Hwy 20. All I could do was laugh and say a few sailor words.

For those of you who are not unfamiliar with coyote medicine, coyotes is a trickster that teaches us how wisdom and folly go together. When coyote enters your life, you are given the opportunity to look at something you have been avoiding. And I don’t know about you, but some days “avoidance” is my middle name.

Coyote medicine is about learning faith and trust despite the adversities and challenges we all must face on this Walk of Life.

Within 2 hours of arriving at the Racine office, I found out what I was avoiding:


I have been given the opportunity this week to look at truth from every angle. And I must admit at times I did see the folly in it. Imagine getting to sit as a by-stander on multiple witch hunts throughout the week and realizing that every group making acquisitions were both right and wrong…there was no true right or wrong. No group owned the absolute truth. The truth was totally subjective based on each groups own history and hidden agendas. Yes, some of the groups tried throwing me under the bus and/or tried baiting me into taking sides, but I held my ground and did not move from my both/and perspective. I even told a business partner that I’m a cat herder, I don’t train monkeys.

On Wednesday evening, while I was talking to a friend, she mentioned:

“Robin…you are a Truth Teller!”

OMG…and there it was…what I have been avoiding. My inconvenient truth of the situation. So that was the lesson coyote wanted me to learned. But the lesson did not end there. On Thursday I received an interesting email from an an intuitive life coach, that I follow regularly on-line. She offered to provide me a new divine job title by answering the following question “What connects you with the epic truth of who you are?” Really?!?!?!? Truth…again?!?!?!? My response to her…Exploration connects me with the epic truth of who I am. After the fact I did a little research and discovered that “exploring” is the energy and the song of the coyote. What a crazy week…but I now have a new divine job title…WOOHOO…

Guide in the Pursuit of YES

Where do you see things as right or wrong? Good or bad?

Can you shift your perspective from either/or and see things as both/and?

What connects you with the epic truth of who your are?





Coming Full Circle


“For you, it may have been just another day. But for me, it was one of those moments I won’t forget…where life comes full circle and everything you worked so hard for finally means something.”

~Author Unknown

Before you say “What…is she on vacation again?!?!?” The answer is NO!  I’ve been in Racine Wisconsin this week for business. The most interesting thing about this week is that 1 year ago (5/31/2015) I followed my intuition and closed down my Racine apartment and moved everything to Kent. It was actually the 1st time in 8 years that all of my possessions were under one roof. I never realized how much of my energy over the course of the past 8 years was spent trying to:

  • be like everyone else
  • please everyone else
  • manage others expectations of me
  • live life based on some imaginary cultural rule book
  • ignore my own dreams

Basically, I was looking outside of myself for all of the answers instead of inside myself.


So this week, while in Racine, I took a stroll down memory lane and reflected on everything I left behind. I meet familiar faces every where I went. I browsed through the aisles of my favorite stores. And I had drinks at my old hang outs. At my last stop, the Tiki bar overlooking Lake Michigan, I met my friends for one last cocktail as we told stories of our past misadventures. After the last story was told and everyone was departing for the evening, I sat there and realized that I had ended up exactly where I started 6 years ago. And at that moment I laughed and said “I got it!” and decided to celebrate coming full circle because something new is on the horizon.

What is ending in your life?

Do you make time to celebrate the ending?