Living An Unschooled Life


“The day I broke up with Normal… was the first day of my magical life.”

~Author Unknown

Let’s face it…when I walked away from my “normal” life in 2007 I didn’t know what to expect.  I ended up living in Canada for 1.5 years and then England for 1 year.  During my time abroad, I became curious about alternative healing methods.  I started dabbling by reading books and taking workshops.  When I returned to the US in 2010, I moved back into my old 1926 building and started to remodel it.  I didn’t know where I was going with it…but I just had the urge to do it.

Fast forward to 2016…and here I am…these days my live is anything but normal.  I don’t live in a house with a white picket fence but an old 1926 hardware store that was converted to a bar in the 1970’s and restored and remodeled into a new creative space.  I don’t have a typical 9-5 job but instead I coach and mentor people and businesses in exploring what isn’t working, discovering the underlying issues, and then creating a more soulful solution by listening to their hearts.  I don’t go on vacations with the goal of sipping mojito’s poolside at the all inclusive hotel (even though some times I think that might be the smarter solution) but to the wild places (jungles, mountains, oceans to experience alternative forms of culture and healing).

People who attend my events are always intrigued with my place.  I know it has drove my family crazy over the years, but then again, I followed my heart and I just didn’t see myself living in a house with a white picket fence.

So what does this all mean?

Several years ago I started offering a free “Be Inspired Art Afternoon” for Adults.  I was feeling uninspired and thought that maybe an afternoon of play would provide me with the answers and the direction I was looking for.  At first my friends questioned my thought process, but as good friends do, they participated.  As a result I watched my friends explore and discover new passions (painting, cooking, mixology, wood carving, soap making, conversations, leisure, etc.).  For myself, I discovered that I wanted to create a school…not just another overly structured rigid school where you sit in chairs and learn via books and lectures, but an

Unschooled School for the Gypsy Soul

What is the “Unschooled School for the Gypsy Soul”?  It is about browsing the the world, seeking out things that look intriguing.  Looking closer at what interests you.  And then delving into what you get excited and passionate about.  A perfect example of this is the story behind the event I’m hosting on Saturday.  Dave started to attend my “Be Inspired Art Afternoons”.  He started with drawing and then coloring and then for one event he showed up with food.  He decided his art form for the event was food.  From there he started to cook for all of the events and found himself so passionate about food, he decided to buy an old run down food truck.  He spent a winter restoring the food truck and started testing it out last summer via winery events, parties, and Friday roadside lunches.  By making time for the event every month…for making time for play…Dave discovered…

Excitement in exploring new activities
Joy is discovering a unique talent
Passion in creating a new business filled with soul

The purpose of this “unschool” is to offer workshops and events that give you space to play and explore new activities, to discover what is calling you, and to create from the heart.  Below are some of the unschooled workshops that will be offered:
* Be Inspired Art Afternoon
* Chakradance (dance meditation)
* Paint and Pours
* Plant Medicine
* Energy Healing
* Biodynamics
* Shamanism
* Adventures to foreign lands

Rumor has it the weather is going to perfect on Saturday.  So if you are in the area Saturday afternoon, please stop by.  Who knows…maybe you will inspired.

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