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 “Your life is your message to the world.  Make sure it’s inspiring.”


This has been a tough week for my family and me. I landed at O’Hare Airport last Friday night and spent the next several days living off of adrenaline as I sat at the nursing home and watched my father rapidly deteriorate. My father (Norman Rosenstiel) passed away on Tuesday March 1st. In hindsight, the date he chose to leave is rather fitting. Over the years, my dad had acquired the name “Stormin Norman”….what better day for him to leave but the first day of March….as any farmer in Northern Illinois knows…

March comes in as a Lion

And when dad roared he sounded like a lion. This week as we were selecting the Funeral Service cards based on the picture, I realized what I will miss most about dad…his eccentric group of friends and stories. His life was filled full of colorful people and colorful events:

  • Dueling dragsters, court, and a right hook punch;
  • Mrs. Dole, Mr. Watson, and the missing windmill;
  • Trading a pig for “Buck” the pony..because we wanted a pony;
  • Hoisting a cow from a swimming pool;
  • Chaperoning FFA volunteers, Willie Nelson, and the Illinois State Fair;
  • Converting a school bus for a fleeing IRS fugitive;
  • The Kent Emporium, renovations, and “Stormin” Norman;

His life message:

“It’s all of the little moments that make life a big adventure.”

~Author Unknown

What inspiring message would you like to leave when your life is over?

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