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Love Grows Here


“Grow where you are planted.”

~1 Corinthians 7:14-24


This week has been filled with moments of “acceptance and surrender” to life around me.  Just when I think I’m moving forward with my own dreams, live happens.  In those moments I get angry and frustrated.  I was having one of those moments when I stumbled across this wheel barrel at a local grocery store.  As I stopped to take the picture at 6:30am, an employee of the grocery store walked by, made a funny comment, and we both laughed as he walked away.  At that moment I got the message.  Below is the story.


How to Bloom Where You Are Planted

~Smita Malhotra, M.D. (Huffington Post)

In reality we don’t always get to the choose the cards we have been dealt, but we can learn to play them. Like a flower that grows through a crack in the concrete, sometimes we have to make the best of our situations and bloom where we have been planted.

You may not be where you want to be in life just yet. You may be working a day job that is not your passion and working on your dream through the night.

Keeping our dreams alive is what gives us hope. But how can we deal with the fact that sometimes we may have to tolerate something that we do not like to eventually get to where we want to be?

Not everyone can quit their jobs and follow a dream. Sometimes our dreams take time. So instead of getting bitter and upset at your situation, why not try blooming where you have been planted?

Here is how I think we can do that and why it makes a difference:

1) Every step in life prepares you for the next one

Every chapter in your life builds a foundation to launch the next chapter. So you have a choice. You can either feel sorry for yourself, wondering why you are not where you want to be and cursing the situation that you are in. Or you can look at this as a lesson. Ask yourself, “What is this here to teach me?” and “How can I use this experience to propel me to my ultimate goal?”

You may be in a difficult place right now so you can learn to shine your light so bright that it drowns out the darkness. Keep working towards your next step and understand that your destiny is not determined by your current circumstances.

So why not choose to be happy now?

2) Stop complaining

To truly blossom, you must stop complaining.

Your job and circumstances may not be ideal right now. But you have to decide for yourself what you can change and what you cannot.

As Maya Angelou said,
If you don’t like something, change it.
If you can’t change it, change your attitude about it.

If the situation cannot be changed, you must learn to rise above it. What you tend to focus on, expands. Breathe energy into the positive things in your life.

3) Be a blessing

Look for ways to be a blessing to somebody. Your struggles have prepared you to be in the path of someone that needs what you can give.

You can choose to be a blessing despite your own circumstances, and in doing so, inspire the lives of many others.

4) Bloom through the concrete

You may be in a situation where other people are not doing their best. Instead of expecting others to change, learn to change yourself. Don’t let small things get to you. Like the eye at the center of a tornado, keep your tranquility even when the world around you is swirling.

If other people are late, you still arrive on time. If others have given up, you continue to persevere.

As Steve Jobs once said,
You cannot connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in the future.

Learn to bloom where you are planted. Even if you find yourself planted under some concrete at the moment, look for the crack in the concrete to find your way out.

And despite all odds, choose to bloom anyways.

How can you bloom where you are planted?


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Dreamer of Improbable Dreams. 
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Creating Soul Alchemy.

Why Am I Here?

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“The purpose of life is to discover your gift; the work of life is to develop it; and the meaning of life is to give your gift away.”

~David Viscott

We all have those moments when we ask ourselves…

Why am I here?

During the past 10 years I have learned to surrender (some times kicking and screaming) and accept the fact that there is a bigger reason and maybe some day I will find out.  Well…this week I was blessed (hmmm…be careful what you ask for!) to receive an answer.

Currently my time is split between coaching corporate teams and coaching individuals.  This week, while struggling with the performance of a corporate team (as this project was to be completed in 08/2015 and seems to never end), I asked the million dollar question “Why am I here?” to the Universe.  Several hours later I received an unexpected response from management:

Robin…you are great at herding cats!

OMG…really?!?!? really?!?  You mean after all of these years my “crazy” cats have been teaching me valuable life coaching skills?  Seriously ?!?!?!?  Any one who has known any of my cats can probably see the irony in this.

What does this mean?

Sometimes we find ourselves at a cross roads in life.  We are so deep in the weeds of our lives, we can not see the forest.  Sometimes we need someone to bring a different perspective to the situation.  Sometimes we need someone to listen without judgment as we express our thoughts, opinions, and desires.  Sometimes we don’t want others to fix our problems, just lead us into creating our own solutions.  And…

BAM…my super power emerges!

Robin Rosenstielrearview-mirror

Dreamer of Improbable Dreams. 
Living Fearlessly. 
Creating Soul Alchemy.