Community Grace


Hold the vision, Trust the process.”
~Author unknown

Above is an assortment of words that individuals from our global tribe have selected to live with for 2016.  For those unfamiliar with the tradition, instead of declaring New Year Resolutions (that often fail by February 1st), a word (or phrase) is selected as a guide.  This word (or phrase) can be something you want to manifest in your life in 2016 or simply a word that reminds you to be curious throughout 2016 as your life unfolds.

Is there a word that you would like to try and live with for 2016?

If you would like to add your word to the global tribe bowl, please send me an email and I will create and add your word rock to the bowl (plus send you a picture so you can create your own word altar).


– Jacob Nordby –

Blessed are the weird people

—poets, misfits, writers, mystics

heretics, painters & troubadours—

for they teach us to see the world through different eyes.

Blessed are those who embrace the intensity of life’s pain and pleasure,

for they shall be rewarded with uncommon ecstasy.

Blessed are ye who see beauty in ugliness,

for you shall transform our vision of how the world might be.

Blessed are the bold and whimsical,

for their imagination shatters ancient boundaries of fear for us all.

Blessed are ye who are mocked for unbridled expression of love in all its forms,

because your kind of crazy is exactly that freedom for which the world is unconsciously begging.

Blessed are those who have endured breaking by life,

for they are the resplendent cracks through which the light shines.

Robin Rosenstiel

Dreamer of Improbable Dreams. 
Living Fearlessly. 
Creating Soul Alchemy.



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