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Messages From A Sinking Boat



“Being on a boat that’s moving through the water, it’s so clear. Everything falls into place in terms of what’s important and what’s not.”

~James Taylor

On Monday night (12/7/15), our group of 17 people climbed into 2 small boats.  The sun had just set as we left the dock of Punta Faro located on Isla Múcura in the San Bernardo Coral Marine Reserve on the coast of the Caribbean Region of Colombia.  Our ceremony destination…go to a sacred grove of another island in order to float in the natural moon light and experience the amazing phenomenon of bio-phosphorescence.

The purpose of this ceremony:


As I entered the water I decided to let go of the old story of “being afraid to dream big as life will intervene (faith, trust) and I will be disappointed”.   As I floated and played in the glowing water, I felt like Mickey Mouse (The Sorcerer’s Apprentice) while I dreamed big and commanded the stars and planets within the water with the touch of my hands.  It was truly an awe inspiring ceremony.

After the ceremony, we boarded the boats and slowly returned back to Punta Faro using the night sky as our guide. The first boat was probably 1/4 mile away when a wave swept over the front of our small boat.  As water started to pour into our boat, and no land in site, our inexperienced boat driver started to freak out and speak rapid Spanish (note to self…learn Spanish).  Even without the language translation, it did not take a rocket scientist to figure out that we had no boat lights, no walkie-talkies, no cell phones, and obviously no buckets.

As the boat started to sink and warm water touch my feet and ankles, I laughed and looked up at the sky and said “REALLY?!?!?!”  Not out of fear, but out of total faith and trust.  Faith that the other boat will return. And Trust that everything will be OK (the water is warm, we have life jackets, and I have a flashlight).  In that split second, I realized that the ceremony was complete and that I had let go of the old story.  As the boat started to sink like the Titanic, we all moved to one side of the boat to balance the weight of the excessive water and shortly afterwards the other boat appeared (before we had to jump out) and rescued us.

After we docked and I got out of the boat, I walked directly to the outdoor bar while still soaking wet and ordered a Mojito.  As I sipped my Mojito, I laughed and reflected on the situation.  What a great experience…to literally feel the “old story” switch turn off and to feel the “new story” switch turn on.

The next morning I asked a few people (from the sinking boat) about their own experiences and below are their boat messages:

  • I am done bailing!
  • I am the light in the darkness.
  • I am strong, I can swim to shore.
  • I am a survivor.

It was fascinating to hear each persons’ story and how the sinking boat released their old story so a new story could emerge. It was as if everyone on the sinking boat was there for a reason.  What a powerful and magical “re-affirming” message to receive from the Universe…


For the rest of the trip, people laughed and told stories of mishap adventures and how each outcome was always magical (even if it did not appear that way during the mishap).  We even asked Daniel if the “sinking boat” adventure will be included in next years’ trip.

As for my most treasured gift from my trip to Colombia…

I got on the boat with an old story, I got off of a sinking boat as the

“Dreamer of Improbably Dreams”!

Robin Rosenstiel

Dreamer of Improbable Dreams. 
Living Fearlessly. 
Creating Soul Alchemy.