Rear View Mirror


“Let today be the day you give up who you’ve been for who you can become.”

~ Hal Elrod


I decided to de-clutter my house this past weekend. In April of this year, I closed down my apartment in Racine WI and moved everything back to Kent IL. This is the first time since 2006 that all of my stuff has been in one location. After living in multiple countries and multiple places for years, it felt good to finally establish roots in one place. As I started to go through my consolidated stuff in Kent, I threw all of the “I don’t know” stuff into the back bedroom and closed the door. Throughout the course of the summer I would occasionally open the door, look at the stuff, and then quickly close the door. I basically avoided the back bedroom with a passion as I kept thinking “one of these days I will get to it”. Suddenly this past weekend I realized that I could no longer run and had to face this stuff lurking in the back bedroom. Initially I thought I was neglecting the back bedroom due to time (work travel schedule) when in fact if was all about avoidance.


As I started to review the items I concluded that none of the items belong in Kent. These were not “well used” items that have seen better days, but items that were basically brand new. Items purchased for my apartment in Racine that represented hopes and dreams of a life that would never materialize. As I filled my car full of lost hopes and dreams, I started to view my life through the rear view mirror. My old story of “I’m not good enough” returned and played through my mind like an old broken record.

  • I didn’t work hard enough to make this dream a reality.
  • I should of been more flexible and more accommodating.
  • I asked for too much.
  • I should of put others’ needs before my own.
  • I didn’t make enough time.


As I drove my car full of lost hopes and dreams to the local Charity Donation Center, I decided that I was tired of listening to my old “I’m not good enough” story and decided…

Don’t let the mistakes and the disappointments of your past control and direct your future.

After I arrived at the Charity Donation Center, an older gentleman offered to assist me with unloading the car. As we unloaded each box from the car together, I said a silent blessing and wished that each item would fill another home with blessings, hopes, and dreams. As I left the Charity Donation Center, my thoughts turned from “I’m not good enough” to “Here I am again alone”. Starring out the rear view mirror I realized that…

Sometimes you just need to smash the rear view mirror with your fist!”

As I pulled into Kent, I realized that not only did I let go of physical baggage on that drive but also emotional baggage…baggage that needed to be released in order to make space for new hopes and dreams. Starting today I’m not looking back…it’s time for me to start writing a new chapter.

Are you ready to start writing a new chapter?

  • What have you been avoiding?
  • Why are you avoiding it?
  • What story does this “avoidance” have to tell you?
  • Who would you be without the story?

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